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of Cases % of Cases Incomplete abortion 106 64.6% Missed abortion 17 10.4% Failed abortion 34 21% (Live pregnancy) Complete abortion 5 3% Ectopic pregnancy 2 1% Table 8 Anaemia Classification Haemoglobin Levels No.
However, the overall cases managed for incomplete abortion within that specified period in the hospital were 186 cases; as a result, all abortion cases included in the study.
Misoprostol for treatment of incomplete abortion at the regional hospital level: results from Tanzania.
Misoprostol's characteristics make it a smart option for treating incomplete abortion in SSA, especially at the district and sub-hospital levels in remote, rural and impoverished areas where access to PAC is most restricted, but this has yet to be demonstrated and effectively operationalized at mid- and lower-level facilities.
The study shows that midwives can safely handle the medicinal treatment of incomplete abortions in rural districts of Uganda with misoprostol", said Dr.
[16] studied the management of incomplete abortion by MVA and found effectiveness of the procedure to be about 98% with very low postprocedure complication rate (2%).
A comparison of the costs of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and evacuation and curettage (E and C) in the treatment of early incomplete abortions in Kenya.
On average, the alternative regimen is 97% effective, with incomplete abortion in 2% and continuing pregnancy in 1%, Dr.
As a result, many Pacific women die from infection and sepsis associated with incomplete abortion. According to anecdotal evidence, many of these are young women and adolescents.
In Guyana, for example, Aziza Ahmed (2003) notes that "when abortion was made legal in 1995, admissions to a capital city hospital for septic and incomplete abortion declined by 41% [whereas] before the law legalising abortion was passed, septic abortion was the third largest cause of admissions to public hospitals and incomplete abortion was the eighth largest" (Ahmed 2003).