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The solution to the problem of how incomplete fractures should be stabilized is not yet clear.
Radiographs of both femurs were done which showed an incomplete fracture of the outer cortex of right femoral midshaft with thickening of the cortices (Figure 6) (b).
Incomplete fractures were managed conservatively where as complete fractures were fixed surgically.
Doctors conducted a CT scan Monday as a precautionary measure and were surprised to find Fisher had suffered an incomplete fracture of the navicular bone - the same bone he broke last year.
In this patient, conservative treatment was selected when incomplete atypical subtrochanteric femoral fracture was diagnosed, but poor prognosis of conservatively treated incomplete fracture has been occasionally reported [8, 9].
For nondisplaced or incomplete fractures, as in this case, nonsurgical treatment with immobilization is usually appropriate.

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