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Unlike Bigger, who has internalized his limitations and incompleteness, Ahab has been conditioned to believe in his freedom--he has "been led to think untraditionally and independently" (73).
Also, complement deletion rarely, if ever, produces a mere sense of incompleteness.
The storytelling doesn't escape one of the shortcomings of memoir: the feeling of fragmentation and incompleteness resulting from recounting events that happened several years ago.
Through both aspects of the program, Mendieta was introduced to work foregrounding the notion of incompleteness, which she achieved in her own practice mainly by documenting performances in photographs and films.
Mathematician Kurt Godel is widely regarded for his 1931 incompleteness theorem, which found that not everything can be proved.
Then, on March 16, 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission temporarily suspended trading of World Information Technology securities due to the inaccuracy and incompleteness of its financial statements.
Their brief began, "The striking thing about CTTF (Come to the Father) is its incompleteness, its silences, evasions, suppressions, aversions, fears, and dreads.
The two clubs released a joint statement saying: "Fundamentally, our decision not to support the current proposal is based on the incompleteness of information available, the high level of business risk attached to the project that is not adequately addressed and a lack of firm substantiation of the plan assumptions.
Medical records were not being used effectively because of such factors as difficulty and expense in obtaining them, illegibility, incompleteness or inaccuracy, and fear that the information would be more harmful than helpful.
But there are shortcomings which leave the citizens of Athens with a bitter sense of incompleteness.
Unlike Rice, I find little hope in looking to unresolved tensions, incomprehensibilities, ambiguities, and incompleteness in Morrison's works as signs of a black experience struggling within and against a Western order.
A key concept is that imperfection and incompleteness are part of happiness.