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Following a 6-yard completion to Julian Edelman on first down, the drive fizzled as Brady threw incompletions to Danny Amendola and Josh Boyce.
That fact of incompletion or overdetermination assumes the form of a kind of asymmetry that registers at every level of the social domain, including the subjective--thus Lupton's inspired enlistment of the Greek concept of the daemon, that element of the subject that simultaneously is and is beyond the subject.
The 7 items of the student and teacher forms for reasons for homework incompletion were: "a large amount of homework assigned each night"; "difficulty of homework"; "laziness or tardiness"; "lack of interest in homework" (e.
He was found guilty of collecting more than Dh39,000 in bribes in return for not reporting about incompletion of maintenance works or the alleged wrongdoing of the secretary.
We failed to accumulate any completions in the second half and even when we got to one minute, 45 on the clock to win it we came up with another incompletion.
Among physicians with a low volume of these procedures, generalist physicians had an incomplete colonoscopy rate of nearly 30%, whereas general surgeons and gastroenterologists had incompletion rates of about 17% and 14%, respectively.
of Glasgow), and by loss refers to the poem's nagging sense of incompletion, of its inability after nearly sixty years of effort, to bring order to the chaos it describes, and which it ascribes to the loss of paradise.
Now, the One Who [eventually] created the primal substance was, no doubt, able to create it from eternity, and He did not cause it to have potentiality [subsequently] because He is Immutable, free of incompletion or addition--just as is the consideration of the pattern and the form.
Viso made clear the subtle premises of Mendieta's work: No piece is an end in itself; each is part of a larger whole; the larger whole is incomplete; this incompletion is not the result of death (Mendieta's untimely demise in 1985 too often shadows any discussion of her oeuvre) but the condition of the work's being; and this ontology is synonymous with the morphology of the artist's body.
Incompletion and parataxis vie with a yet clear desire for orchestration (two periods) and continuity; the saying is loosely situated and oriented, and contextualized quasi-socially, ethically (notre).
Whereas for Hegel, the human mind is denied to the benefit of the absolute spirit, the poet envisioned an incompletion of the Book that rehabilitated the individual as an active participant in creation.
The linebackers cover the tight ends and running backs on pass routes, concluding with a 20-yard sprint downfield, regardless of a completion or incompletion.