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Not only were they sharply critical of the Islamically incompliant business practices of the Malay-Muslims who came before them, they envisioned a different Islamic system altogether, a more sharia-led lifestyle that encompassed both business and society.
0%) were incompliant with respect to study medication (consumption of study medication <80%), resulting in 148 (63.
Angola is one of the countries that are most incompliant with production quotas; its current production stands at approximately two million barrels a day, and is continuously on the rise.
Also needed, they said, was a pursuit of efforts to deal with Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions, including public listing of incompliant jurisdictions by the end of 2010 and, if necessary, application of counter measures.
Yet, the court concluded that the criminal liability for insult and slander did not prevent criticizing of persons belonging to the political system or the system of state bodies and, ultimately, did not grant the request for declaring the challenged provisions of the Criminal Code incompliant with the Constitution.
I loved the new regulations and announcements you made over the past eight months, and the threats you were making to incompliant developers raised my hopes that you'd come through for me.
It sets out establishing an EU blacklist of incompliant ships, along with detailed rules and a list of consequences for inclusion on this list and, in some cases, consequences for third countries in which these ships reside.
3) Manage risk by understanding and proactively managing brand and reputation, anticipating regulatory shifts, culling irresponsible or incompliant vendors, and developing innovative approaches to capturing socially conscious consumers and meeting regulations.
The problem is that people are annoyingly incompliant when it comes to conforming to theory.
Julien Duvivier's 1937 Gueule d'amour and his original tragic version of La Belle equipe (1936) explore in detail the misogynistic drive to murder cruel and incompliant women.
Ceri, who has the power to take incompliant businesses to court, sometimes carries out site visits.