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According to witnesses, Conkey was shouting incomprehensibly about "martyrs" and possible "rapture" while making threats about blowing up the church.
figure By WINNIE ATIENO Three pupils who were allegedly abducted by a bodaboda rider from Rise and Shine Academy, a mixed boarding primary school in Nyali, Mombasa County are set to undergo a psychiatric assessment.This is after the Class Eight pupils started speaking incomprehensibly.
The agricultural industry is incomprehensibly important to the enhancement and sustainability of life on Earth and it should be treated as such when it comes to security.
"A 100 years closure seemed incomprehensibly lengthy to the public...
To add insult to injury, the list of stolen items cited are incomprehensibly stupid.
The small gray rectangles, understood as fragments of something incomprehensibly vast brought back to the human dimension, here measured the actual space by being placed at regular intervals on two opposite walls.
When arrested, drug-addled Farley told officers he was 'God', the court heard, and ranted incomprehensibly in the police van.
"We express our outrage over these shootings that may have resulted in unlawful killings and the incomprehensibly high number of injuries sustained," the statement read.
Moreover, you'll be clued into the United States and China's ongoing race to be the first to build an incomprehensibly fast and powerful quantum computer.
High-priced, difficult-to-attain architecture degrees are now, incomprehensibly, being used to create "Instagrammable" installations for things like impromptu selfie fashion shoots and hotel lobby photo booths.
* It's the first time astronomers witnessed the merging of two neutron stars (the collapsed, incomprehensibly dense cores of high-mass stars).
Addressing a crowd of about 650 dignitaries at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, Trump blasted the "incomprehensibly bad deal" his predecessor, Barack Obama, struck with Iran and other world powers to stall Tehran's nuclear development.