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While there has been progress in raising awareness of the issue, many of the responses so far have merely been coping mechanisms because they are inadequate, incomprehensive, outdated and reactive.
Certain questions which were found to be irrelevant were deleted and those questions which were incomprehensive were modified/rephrased to suit the comprehension level of survey subjects.
The speech soon degenerates into incomprehensive absurdity:
Additionally, there has been incomprehensive investigation of such patterns for particularly imperiled grassland birds, like the Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii), and from restorations that use common warm-season prairie grasses (e.
The double-speak of Naidu has reached its peak and his theatrics have been incomprehensive as only a section of the TDP MPs had given the no confidence notice.
Similarly, the international institutions of the IMFS has incomprehensive oversight framework for excessive cross-border capital flows.
Though this may suffice for small businesses with relatively simple financial ecosystems, the complex nature of most companies' financial landscape renders spreadsheets burdensome, incomprehensive and, most importantly, prone to human error.
The Budget allocation implementation of energy management programmes must be within preset amount Key Practice A4 An outline of processes in Establishing procedures implementing energy management programmes Key Practice A5 An undetailed, unclear, Developing a master incomprehensive master plan plan Key Practice A6 Database is available, but it Establishinga database is incomplete, unclear, inaccurate, and outdated.
However, exclusion of any analysis on the crossover of both risks and their management over the currency of the project made their findings incomprehensive in the context of contemporary research (Zhang, 2005b).
Jason Statham and Stephen Graham play the protagonists, ably supported by Brad Pitt as the incomprehensive fighter.