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Numerous other deficiencies at Canada's sea and air ports were detailed by the committee in the lengthy report, including long lags between employee background checks; delays in training; incomprehensive training; inadequate presence of Canadian intelligence officers at foreign ports; insufficient checks of flight crews and ground crews; vulnerable cockpit doors; and a lack of screening of passengers, luggage and vehicles that go aboard ships and ferries.
The tough posture Gaza's men often wish to exhibit was overshadowed by incomprehensive grief; relatives and friends were collapsing in droves; others reached to the sky, in despair.
It is incomprehensive that (North Korea) treat those supporting people who seek freedom from a humanitarian viewpoint in the same way as abductors,'' Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said in a press conference.
Ida was diagnosed with a personality disorder during a psychiatric examination, but the judge concluded she could be held responsible for her actions, saying her motives were not incomprehensive and action to flee was reasonable.
As such, some readers will likely consider it inadequate in virtually every way: Too short to cover all the authors considered; an introductory history that fails to examine many topics that help make this time period completely intelligible; an incomprehensive subject index for the lengthy period covered; authors of selections whose grasp of philosophy appears to misunderstand philosophy's nature; authors considered who were theologians, not philosophers; topics omitted that should have been included; topics considered that, strictly speaking, are not philosophical; commentaries that tell us nothing new, and so on.
The absence of a complete set of strategy analysis tools resulted in the poorer validity of the strategies in representing that case due to incomprehensive considerations.
However, all members, again, pointed out that kava itself is safe and that currently the theory of toxicological potential, claimed by health authorities, has not been proven and relies solely on a doubtful evaluation, based on insufficient data presented in mainly incomprehensive case reports.
1993) (criticizing the city's reliance on incomprehensive and inadequate statistics used to enact minority programs).
Inefficient and incomprehensive management of natural resources, ground and underground facilities, land cadastre data, and urban planning workflow may bring untimely decision-making thus making it difficult to manage the ever changing urban environment efficiently.
Muslims take for granted that man's understanding of the incomprehensive God is limited to what we are told in the Quran.