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(3.) Elizabeth Povinelli, "Radical Worlds: The Anthropology of Incommensurability and Inconceivability," Annual Review of Anthropology 30 (2001):319-34.
The present understanding of conventional geology and evolutionary biology suggests that there is nothing implausible with the rapid and late diversification of angiosperms, and thus the mystery of the details of their origin is not one of inconceivability, but rather one of wonder.
When she traces an ominous course of vitalism from Whitman via Nietzsche to Wolfe and Nazism, Kussy fails to see that the philosophical tradition behind vitalism--life philosophy, in which life, besides being total, dynamic, and expansive, defines itself against the subjective mind--is vitiated by Nazism, which transforms life's inconceivability into a particular ideology.
While we recognize the inconceivability of exhaustively identifying opportunities for interested researchers, it would be useful to highlight a few starting points.
(Simmel 1983b:32) Characteristic of the evolutionist approach is the idea of continuity during change, the inconceivability of an abrupt halt, of a total extinction of social forms in a revolutionary action.
Second, a qualm is expressed about the significance of arguments from inconceivability, specifically as they feature in Pereda's discussion of what he describes as three sorts of "vertiginous reasoning" prompted by philosophical perplexity about the self.
This omission probably indicates the inconceivability for legitimate homosexual desire or homosexual identity for at least some of the rabbis.
Sheils, in their A History of Religion in Britain: Practice and Belief from Pre-Roman Times to the Present, call on Alan Gilbert to sum up the situation in the mid-1990s, which he does by declaring the inconceivability of any path to a future other than a secular one.
It is difficult, however, to resist the conjecture that the absent mother of Stegagno Picchio's genealogical metaphor might actually be Florbela, whose name remains curiously unmentioned in the essay, perhaps as a way of reinforcing the critic's belief in the inconceivability of plotting coherent narratives of literary descendancy in an historical context as disjointed, ambiguous and ironic as that represented in her expose.
Bruno's Dream comes at the tail-end of a tradition that sought to conceive the inconceivability of death, and in order to achieve a better sense of its evolution, we must return to the ideas of Christian eschatology.
Miller, "The Norms of Reason," Philosophical Review 104 (1995): 205-45, if one thinks the tie cannot hold where the most extreme standards are in place, (b) other accounts of the concept of knowledge that tie it to a certain function the concept plays, where extreme standards conflict with that function, and also (c) (very) broadly verificationist reasons having to do with the inconceivability of anyone's ever meeting the extreme standards.) In this paper, I am defending only contextualism per se, and so will not address this issue, which is important to the application of contextualism to philosophical skepticism.
William James also observed that "war-making is due to definite motives and subject to prudential checks and reasonable criticisms, just like any other form of enterprise." (221) Business corporations have been instruments of war, but they can also serve the cause of "the institution of peace." (222) If "war starts in the minds of men," then "so does peace." (223) In a globalizing and increasingly interdependent world, there is a strong argument for "an intellectual duty to proclaim the inconceivability of war." (224) To do so, however, does not itself advance the practical conditions of peace.