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And if he did figure it out, why might he not proceed as commanded, with faith that his silent prayer that Isaac be saved would be answered, and that his understanding, and ours, of how God's righteousness would play out in the end based on the inconceivability of any other conclusion -- recall that Jeremiah says God expects such understanding of all who believe in Him -- would prove correct?
To Kant the inconceivability of this meant that an element of the structure of the object itself must be a product of our consciousness.
The inconceivability of these events serves to dispel our hesitation between the real and the imaginary.
Rahner expressed this linkage between death and hope in a poignant Christmas meditation which focuses, ironically, on newborn life: "When we stand in faith before the Child's crib, we have to see that it is here that the decline called death begins, that descent which alone saves because its emptiness is filled with the unutterable inconceivability of God .
Dissimulation, or negation of an origin or inconceivability of an end.
as if to keep her from examining the pictures too closely, perhaps discovering that tiny detail at the bottom, behind the people, the small chip that has come off, the crack in the setting that shatters the illusion, allowing something horrible to appear in all its inconceivability, at once transforming the cordial smiles of the family members into treachery's, secrecy's, conspiracy's mask of depravity.
And this, in turn, seems to mean that the understanding would either operate in a totally random way or, at best, that it would function lawfully only now and again--lawful exercises perhaps separated from one another by rhapsodic gaps of inconceivability.
This is stronger than simply leaving the matter "in the middle," as Leibniz did in the correspondence with Bernoulli, because here Leibniz is committing to their inconceivability.