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INCONCLUSIVE. What does not put an end to a thing. Inconclusive presumptions are those which may be overcome by opposing proof; for example, the law presumes that he who possesses personal property is the owner of it, but evidence is allowed to contradict this presumption, and show who is the true owner. 3 Bouv. Inst. in. 3063.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is because of this inconclusiveness that Sayers saw the need to copulate theo, as conceptualized in traditional dogma, with poetics: "Poets create, we may say, by building up new images, new intellectual concepts, new worlds, if you like, to form new consistent wholes, new unities out of diversity."(32) Practicing what she preaches, Sayers rewrote that familiar statement of Jesus, "In my father's house are many mansions" (John 14:2), to emphasize the "building up" of new images.
Looking at the completed set, I am struck that one of the themes of the last three essays is inconclusiveness. All three (mine among them) argue that we cannot tell parents decisively which medically unnecessary medical interventions may and may not be done to children's bodies.
This latter point helps to make sense out of what is otherwise the dialectical inconclusiveness of the canons of statutory interpretation.
"The inconclusiveness of the reason 'audibility' for the thesis 'sound is eternal' is explained," Iwata says, "in the same way as that of the reason 'audibility' for the thesis 'sound is non-eternal': Regardless of the consequence, the inconclusiveness of 'audibility' is determined solely on the ground that 'audibility' belongs only to the subject 'sound.' Since the reason belongs to the subject alone,--since it is absent from both the similar and the dissimilar instances--, it is ...
There is, in short, a certain appearance or irresolution and inconclusiveness, which leaves us at the end of the book rather uncertain as to what it precisely is that Mr.
Naipaul, in turn, has become an archetype of a postcolonial intellectual--corpsing after Conrad in morbidity and inconclusiveness brought about by the impossible ontology of the void.
Separately, Russia, which has close ties to Serbia, has circulated elements acknowledging the ''inconclusiveness up till now of the political process to determine Kosovo's future status and the necessity to continue negotiations'' between Belgrade and Pristina.
In very broad terms, our past is a mythical construction that only equates poorly to current functioning ideologies, fomenting inconclusiveness and popular malcontent.
Rather, the novel presents an ongoing battle between contrasting visions (the real and the ideal) and readily accepts its own inconclusiveness and prolonged sense of flux.
Representing new twists to conventional approaches is a chapter devoted exclusively to titling and dubbing, as well as an interesting discussion (ultimately the least satisfying if only for its inconclusiveness) of techniques for translating bilingual plays.
A dialogue between the two faiths has been going on for decades but the potentially explosive outcomes of its inconclusiveness used to be suppressed by the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union.