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22) Kingsley renders a similar comparative script through his experience at the races: "The Negresses, I am sorry to say, forgot themselves, kicked up their legs, shouted to the bystanders, and were altogether incondite.
unlicked, incondite things--villainously pranked in an affected array of antique modes and phrases.
As for the meaning of "commentaires," it would seem to derive from its Latin cognate commentarius, which for example Aulus Gellius, the author of the Noctae atticae, uses to designate an intermediate stage of his work whereby notes (annotationibus pristinis) were combined to form portions of text (commentarii) which are still fragments: "Facta igitur est in his quoque commentariis eadem rerum disparilitas quae fuit in illis annotationibus pristinis, quas breviter et indigeste et incondite eruditionibus lectionibusque variis feceramus" (1:3).