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In a 2015 radio interview, Labour's then health spokesperson, Annette King, who was a member of the Health Select Committee in 2014, articulated the incongruency surrounding the use of surgical mesh.
23] It can leads to alterations in normal anatomic and biomechanical relations of distal radius, incongruency at DRUJ and DRCJ with changes in volar tilt and ulnar variance, loss of relative length and rotational deformity, which can finally lead to change in load concentration, shift of forces to volar position, decreased ROM, ulnocarpal impingement, changing the carpal tunnel direction, angulations in the flexor tendons, decreasing the grip strength and leading to post-traumatic arthrosis and diminished function.
This incongruency has been noted elsewhere where restrictive policies exist, but are not always enforced by nursing staff.
In that way the ritual expressed Smith's view that ritual projects not the world as it is but as it ought to be, it brings incongruency to consciousness and thereby "thought about.
Children posses certain expectations and incongruency between these, and the reality of medical care experiences can negatively impact HRQoL.
Having such a large scope, given by its interdisciplinary nature, medicallyassisted human reproduction has given rise to a number of controversies, especially on account of the incongruency between the social reality and lack of regulations.
Conventional radiographs can detect the presence of positive ulnar variance, ulceration or cyst formation within the ulnar base of the lunate and/or triquetrum, and joint incongruency of the DRUJ.
Additionally, it can be pointed out that the similar effect of both types of masks in the gender condition speaks against the possibility that incongruency between the gender of the target and mask faces influenced performance in the gender task.
The initial radiographs demonstrated that she had broken hardware and an incongruency of the patella suggesting malunion on the articular surface with a residual step (figure 1).
Class V heads demonstrate aspherical incongruency as their irregular flat shape does not match the more normal-shaped acetabulum.
Genetic analysis of IQ, processing speed and stimulus-response incongruency effects.