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The new genus and species Templar incongruens is here described from specimens collected near Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, increasing the known range of Monoscutinae.
Though I was originally reluctant to establish a new genus for this species, and so leave Monoscutinae with three species in as many genera, Templar incongruens differs at least as much from either Monoscutum titirangiense and Acihasta salebrosa as they differ from each other, if not more so.
Cypricercus reticulatus, Hoff 1942; Cyprinotus incongruens, Klie 1926; Furtos 1933).
incongruens in an Italian rice field and showed genetically determined size differences among them.
incongruens were also obtained from three additional widely spread localities in North America: St.
incongruens to permit their assignment to an electrophoretic clone.
incongruens at Churchill was estimated using a BASIC program (written by M.
incongruens (clone 1) were also included as internal standards in each staining run.
incongruens were obtained either from isofemale lines or from uniclonal populations, whereas C.
incongruens reproduces by apomictic parthenogenesis, females were isolated in small plastic cups containing synthetic pond water (Hebert and Crease 1980).
incongruens were restricted to pools on the rocky outcrops along the coastline.
incongruens cluster together, but clone 7, and its close derivative, clone 8, were intermediate to C.