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ERP data for N450 and SP underwent repeated measures analyses of variance (ANOVAs), with factors of positive versus negative and congruent versus incongruent body expression, frontal versus central versus central-parietal N450 area; central-parietal versus parietal versus parietal-occipital SP area, and left versus middle versus right hemisphere.
The incongruent trials of the flanker task resulted in a small, but significant difference in reaction time after the yoga condition as compared to the no-exercise condition.
However, it is not fit for study because of the cognitive impairment in schizophrenia who are Chinese and they are limited understanding in English.[15] To discuss N400 elicited by Chinese idioms ending with congruent or incongruent Chinese characters, this study used an event-related brain potential instrument and related technology produced by Guangzhou Runjie Medical Instruments.
The N200 peak amplitude was measured within the latency window of 180-200 ms and analyzed by repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA), with group (HTA and LTA) as between-subjects factor and word type (TR and TU), congruency (congruent and incongruent), and electrodes (P7 and P8) as within-subjects factors.
Participants were randomly assigned to the following conditions: Congruent No Load (n =32), Congruent Load (n=32), Incongruent No Load (n =32) and Incongruent Load (n=32).
As the hedonic valence entered in the statistical model as within-subject factor, both physiological indexes were computed for each experimental condition as follows: unimodal [average response value for the 20x positive trials (sounds + images) and 20x negative trials (sounds + images)]; congruent bimodal (average response for the 20x positive congruent trials and for the 20x negative congruent trials) and incongruent bimodal [average response for the 20x incongruent trials with positive images (negative sound) and for the 20x incongruent trials with negative images(positive sound)].
In contrast, when the stimuli were incongruent, participants evidenced significantly longer reaction times in their responses.
It is obtained by subtracting responses to congruent trials from those to incongruent ones.
There were 80 situations, 40 congruent and 40 incongruent. In the congruent situation, arrows are displayed that point in the same direction as the middle arrow, the arrow of reference, allowing quicker reaction time (e.g., [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Two additional video clips were produced that showed one body language (such as "happy") but the audio portion was actually the excerpt from the opposite emotion (incongruent).
Some members of Congress have found it incongruent that the NFL would make it impossible for tax-paying football fans to see their favorite team on TV, all while accepting money from those same tax-payers to build expensive stadiums.
TWEET OF THE DAY @karenstrunks I see updates about the city's growth but they seem really incongruent with the cuts & job losses at @LibraryofBham SUFI MUHAMMED ABDULLAH KHAN Rob Tudor A great man and a legend.