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In the current study, we discuss N400 elicited by Chinese idioms ending with congruent or incongruent Chinese characters and we found that the amplitude of N400 was stable, large, and high when elicited by different phonic, shape, and meaning.
Second, participants in the congruent condition experienced pleasant sounds in both phases (water and bells or click and birds, respectively, counterbalanced) and participants in the incongruent condition experienced pleasant sounds in phase 1 (water and bells) and aversive sounds (boom and alarm) in phase 2, or vice versa.
Conversely and surprisingly, a significant negative correlation between pupil peak size and SCR amplitude was found for incongruent bimodal condition [r.
If they point to the same direction it is a congruent trial, if not, it is an incongruent one.
In this study, the changes in incongruent RT were greater than in the congruent condition.
This effect was stronger for the incongruent than the congruent trials.
With regard to (a), we propose that all events appraised as goal incongruent lead to the tendency to repair.
Mixed ANOVA was used with nationality (American, Japanese, Malaysian) as between-participants factor and priming (congruent, incongruent, neutral) and target (city, state) as within-participants factors for analyzing RTs and accuracies.
Robert Hanna argues that Kant's incongruent counterparts example can be mobilized to show that some mental representations, which represent complex states of affairs as complex, do so entirely nonconceptually.
Regardless of whether the task is to identify the color or the word, it takes more effort to respond when the color and word are incongruent (e.
For example, classification time for words as being positive or negative is better in a congruent condition, in which the vertical position of a word on a computer screen corresponds to the word's affective valence connotation, than in an incongruent condition, in which vertical position and affective valence connotation do not correspond to one another, despite the fact that the task does not require any verbal metaphor understanding at all (Meier & Robinson, 2004).
In fact, the report itself says, "The Safety Model's Guidelines are incongruent with child protection practices designed for babies and toddlers, the age group at greatest risk for serious inflicted injuries and maltreatment fatalities.