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Indeed, if the election results make clear that Flemish or Walloon regional governments could only be incongruently composed from the sitting federal government, coalition parties in a regional government may either lobby for early federal parliamentary elections or for the introduction of a constructive motion of lack of confidence at the federal policy level.
The German-speaking community and federal governments were incongruently composed between 1987 and 1995 (see Table 2).
Alunite appears to have dissolved congruently (the molar ratio of sulfate to potassium is 2 : 1, which coincides with the elemental ratio in the alunite structure), whereas jarosite dissolved incongruently (sulfate to potassium is 1 : 1 and should be 2 : 1).
In two additional conditions the handler and dog appeared as if incongruently attired, i.
Somewhat incongruently, it was the Eastern Rite Catholics who promoted the ascendance of Romanian national consciousness in Transylvania.
In addition, Fuller required that law be adequately publicized, not be abusively retroactive, not be beyond the power of the affected party to perform, not be changed so frequently that subjects cannot orient their behavior by the rules, and not be administered incongruently with the law's publicized content.
Incongruently, perhaps unbelievably, a 152,000-acre tract in the middle of Misty Fiords National Monument was set aside by Congress in 1980 as non-wilderness to provide a buffer for a 650-acre, privately owned molybdenum mining operation.
7, but dissolves incongruently to gypsum, (amorphous) Al-hydroxide and Ca-aluminate type phases at the lower pH values of the pore solution.
Others dissolve incongruently with the release of soluble phosphorus, concomitant with the formation of a less soluble phase.
7, at lower pH values ettringite dissolves incongruently to gypsum, (amorphous) Al-hydroxide and Ca-aluminate type phases.