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A 2002 Seville we drove possessing MagneRide felt eerily supple over bumps yet incongruently crisp during turn-in.
Alunite appears to have dissolved congruently (the molar ratio of sulfate to potassium is 2 : 1, which coincides with the elemental ratio in the alunite structure), whereas jarosite dissolved incongruently (sulfate to potassium is 1 : 1 and should be 2 : 1).
Somewhat incongruently, it was the Eastern Rite Catholics who promoted the ascendance of Romanian national consciousness in Transylvania.
Incongruently, perhaps unbelievably, a 152,000-acre tract in the middle of Misty Fiords National Monument was set aside by Congress in 1980 as non-wilderness to provide a buffer for a 650-acre, privately owned molybdenum mining operation.
7, but dissolves incongruently to gypsum, (amorphous) Al-hydroxide and Ca-aluminate type phases at the lower pH values of the pore solution.
Others dissolve incongruently with the release of soluble phosphorus, concomitant with the formation of a less soluble phase.