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Early results of the research appear to indicate that some of the board performance incongruities, which give rise to the increased calls for risk management and compliance, are actually stemming from an individual's willingness to view his or her board work through both a critical and moral perspective.
Failure to make this assessment may result in management committing to undertake activities in which there are risks that exceed its risk appetite, such as unacceptable performance variability, loss exposure and/or business model incongruities.
Gigi is just one of the delightful incongruities at this cozy bar.
impute incongruities to weakness of thought or artistry' (p.
Ashcroft's raids on state-sanctioned marijuana distribution centers illustrate these legal incongruities.
Campbell's use of irony to show the incongruities present in most people's thinking is a good prod and also evidence of her despair over human behavior.
Locals have said the structure, floating like a circus tent above the mortar walls and tiled roofs of the neighborhood, is an anomaly, but it is an addition to existing incongruities made familiar by habituation.
According to ALPA the arrests - which occurred at the same security checkpoint - were made after an experienced pilot questioned the screening procedure and when another experienced pilot made factual statements about the incongruities in the security practices at airports.
But there are also some seeming incongruities - two framed portraits of Albert Einstein.
It therefore instructed the agency to hold up any implementation of the new ozone standard until it could rectify the apparent incongruities.
As children voice incongruities of greater proportion, the emotional climate of the play is heightened and ingenious verbal representations are provoked.
He often unleashes his views on life's incongruities to the local diner owner Reggie (Terry Farrell) and Jake (Alex Desert), the blind proprietor of the local newsstand.