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BEIRUT: Pierre Abou Khater Amphitheater played host to an evening of sweet incongruity Friday evening with "Mounyati," a concert of Arabic classical music featuring vocalist and flautist Nai Barghouti.
2009), participants had the opportunity to externalize their own knowledge (except for the low- incongruity condition).
the perceiver's process of resolving incongruity is the same [as in gags and jokes] and has the same potential to inspire creative mental associations freed from governance of pattern, probability and strict story logic.
In incongruity-resolution humor (INC-RES), a two-stage process can be observed: the perception of an incongruity and its resolution.
Young readers might enjoy the incongruity of zebras in bed sipping cups of coffee; certainly the visualisation of love and bonding might well resonate.
Also seen bearish for AUD and CAD were the comments from the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, asking whether positive signs in the economy are for real, noting that the incongruity between the Chinese stock market gains while corporate profits are falling.
After all, the mysticism of the man sits in his incongruity, and my first instinct about Digging For Dirt: The Life and Death of ODB is that a delving into the facts and feelings of his physical existence is not only moot, it's troublesome.
I was struck by the incongruity of the wording, which was displayed in fairly close proximity to a television blaring out to everybody's extreme discomfort.
And it's not just a mathematical incongruity, but occurs throughout nature itself, building the case for the mathematical basis of nature itself.
Additionally, the style aims to enact the concept of perspective by incongruity (Burke, Attitudes) in itself, dismantling the rigid orientations of the academic and the personal, continually climbing up and jumping off ladders of abstraction.
Captain Kirk realizes the incongruity of "God's" desire to commandeer his ship.