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Planting and Payoff in an Alternate Schema (moderate incongruity),
Incongruity introduced in the SO is resolved in the LM, which is inferring consequences in this particular joke.
I would like to thank Ron Latz for his comment Latz notes that the article does not discuss an "incongruity" in the IRA rules relative to QCDs and certain taxpayers taking RMDs.
Its coverage of these sonic moves is by nature diffuse, but the book nevertheless recognizes several primary methods for enhancing filmic comedy through sound, including playful incongruity, intertextual reference, and meaningful contrast between musical styles.
Incongruity is considered the sine qua non for the emergence of humor, and it is also used as the acid test for it.
I put it down to an incongruity within an anachronism.
Opponents point out the incongruity of preventing people who are old enough to vote or fight in a war from buying tobacco.
This thin volume of eight surprising narratives and winner of Cuba's Premio Carpentier depicts a country rich with incongruity. Readers encounter settings ranging from a marketplace to a kitchen and actions as various as cooking and sadomasochistic behavior.
The cause for the rupture is largely due to the incongruity of purposes that develop in a marriage as a result of frenzied career pursuits and material aspirations.
Slim gym-slipped infant's incongruity, Thus burdened, seldom seen!
The Human Factor in ShapingTomorrow" Hawking was responding to an incongruity: He had been invited to attend an Israeli conference of scientific, economic and political world leaders under the lofty title:".
Summary: Pierre Abou Khater Amphitheater played host to an evening of sweet incongruity Friday evening with "Mounyati."