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"In case of condemnation these incongruous goods are reverted in favor of the State," he concluded.
Among those who voted against the scheme was Coun Jim Ryan (Con, Bickenhill), who said: "To me it's incongruous, it's out-of-keeping, it's too large and, in my mind, should be rejected."
New Delhi [India], June 19 ( ANI ): The Janata Dal (United) on Monday took a potshot at the BJP-PDP Government in Kashmir and said the latter resembles an incongruous marriage which needs divorce.
How prominent and incongruous are 190 double storey houses in this same locale?
The participants in the study were asked to listen to a series of congruous and incongruous complete sentences and judge whether the last word of each sentence was congruous or incongruous.
McFadzean witnessed the sun caressing A bloody horizon, beautiful and incongruous As toxic waste dressed in an Armani suit.
But the need for his appearance was criticised by First Minister Carwyn Jones as "incongruous", while Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood also questioned its purpose following a Yes vote on lawmaking powers for the Assembly two years ago.
The Echo's deputy head of sport Dave Prentice even wrote about how incongruous it seemed.
But their third single sounds like uninspired cultural carpetbagging, a listless lumbering rock riff with an incongruous dubstep diversion bolted on.
IN G W Brown's letter 'Keeping It Simple' (22.1011), he questions the use of words such as: incongruous, functionary, indigenous, detritus, and eclectic and finds them unnecessary.
HOW incongruous it is to see reports of the PM and Chancellor on holiday - "while Rome burns" - well if not actually burning Italy is nearing financial meltdown - along with numerous other crises - eg,.
Humour is a good way to gently remind adults about the importance of listening to their kids; unfortunately sometimes even something as incongruous as a purple, pancake eating rhino is not enough.