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This is like an incongruous marriage which needs to be divorced as soon as possible because that will be benefitted for both the country and Kashmir," JD (U) leader K.
How prominent and incongruous are 190 double storey houses in this same locale?
The participants in the study were asked to listen to a series of congruous and incongruous complete sentences and judge whether the last word of each sentence was congruous or incongruous.
Unemployment levels in the Israeli occupied territories, and among Palestinian citizens of Israel, are so high that they have been employed in a wide variety of apparently incongruous labor -- from work in Israeli flag factories to building the Israeli separation barrier, which is being erected on expropriated Palestinian land.
The large, predatory bird would be considered an incongruous presence, for it is calculated to be endangered in these parts.
She looked so incongruous she might have been a visitor from another planet.
His favourite blues rockers Hired Gun have chosen as their comeback gig the incongruous Midsomer music festival (Glastonbury has nothing to worry about) as the current run of this series ends on a more light-hearted note than usual.
Elsie carries a lot of guilt, feeling in some incongruous way responsible for her mother's sickness.
Yet others have taken the second step to become certified as Qualified Empire Zone Enterprises (QEZEs) but have either failed to take advantage of the full complement of benefits or have pursued benefits which are incongruous with their overall tax plan.
In using my frame in this way, I create an abstract and incongruous symbol of youth and vigor.