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Incongruously, against the sky behind the building, a spinning fireball of light emanates from a Tilt-a-Whirl, the kind in a traveling carnival that plunks down on the outskirts of town, as in James Joyce's epiphanic story "Araby." But the image is devoid of people, and the straight-on perspective emphasizes not exoticism or fantasy but the stationary building in all its banal and "useful" anonymity.
Tsai integrates these incongruously sequined but exactingly calibrated interludes perfectly into the inorganic matter of the elevators and stairwells.
But having taken this route, with the inclusion of a section on advertising and another on utopian dreams and political protest (incongruously mixing Malcolm Morley's Beach Scene, 1968, and a Hockney swimming-pool painting, Sunbather, 1966, with agitprop posters of May '68), Grenier and her colleagues might have been better off rehanging the entire show thematically.
The installation Cloud 9, 2000, parodies the famous photograph of the first moon walk: Here the astronaut, spotlit with a lunar glow, stands with a flag incongruously printed in a design featuring automobiles and houses.
The finale might well be an incongruously lighthearted gloss on something out of an old copy of Screen.
His bloody, byzantine adventures of the Vivian Girls still manage to shock, possibly because of the incongruously sweet collage/watercolor technique used to depict the sadistic mayhem performed against little girls sporting tiny penises.
Indeed, it's the posture of most of the female figures, incongruously evoking both rigidity and vulnerability, that makes them so disturbing.
But several thousand years of exposure to rationally based Western cultures has transformed our consciousness, personalities, and outlook to the point that God often seems like an idea pasted incongruously onto our vision of reality.
The Soviets left the wreckage of their unmanned craft where it landed, but the Apollo 11 Lunar Module known as the Eagle -- after 21.5 hours on the surface of the moon and walks by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin -- reconnected with Apollo 11 so the astronauts could return home, leaving behind a US flag, a plaque and human boot prints, which remain, incongruously enough, visible in the lunar dust nearly half a century later.
Interestingly, Lu said, the scripts often contained incongruously arranged sentences lacking logic.
107 in Gunter's well-established "Naval Fighters" series, albeit incongruously placed as a "fighter," the "Deuce" hauled out hulks of shot-down Hueys and Frogs that might have otherwise remained where they landed for many years.
He would tell, and tell again, of subsisting on a dreary diet of cottage cheese; of making ends meet by working in a dining hall; of inordinately lengthy bus trips back home to visit his sweetheart and future wife; of listening in awe to Professor Milton Konvitz as he held forth eloquently on industrial labor relations; and, most incongruously of all, of having come to Cornell in the first place to study botany.