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The paper further reported, yet at 31 and as vice-captain of all three Australian teams, those medals sit incongruously with just two Test centuries and a batting average of 37.
Incongruously, Salman looked serious at a party which meant to celebrate his film's super success.
It was their misfortune to do so against opponents batting under the cloud of 'spot-fixing' allegations and who - Umar Akmal's incongruously defiant 40-ball 50 apart - surrendered so tamely to be bowled out for 147 in their second innings that it was near impossible to avoid the conclusion their minds were not properly on the job.
And the Cialis spots featuring a woman and a man holding hands while incongruously sitting in two separate bathtubs?
Incongruously known as "brigadi" in Bulgarian, literally translated as brigades, which evoked a strange association with Soviet party-mandated harvest-time non-optional student labour groups, work-and-travel programmes have been around for more than a decade in Bulgaria.
In his first collection for the Florentine label, Dundas - a leather-wearing Norwegian with rock-star looks and an incongruously sweet smile - blasted a hole in the delicate innocence of the past few days.
His paintings, set within the deep tones of the exhibition space, speak a language of their own, bearing intense and at times even incongruously bright colors, rich with emotion and full of memories, while his sculptures, resembling children in form, seem wizened and aged--as though touched by the sadness of life: the kind of melancholy that one sometimes longs for.
Meanwhile, Iago busily assembles the rocks their union will founder on: suspicion, jealousy, insecurity - rather clunkily symbolised by the jagged masonry, which had tumbled down from somewhere and was a constant presence on stage, even, incongruously, in the bedroom scene, where Desdemona sings a poignant Ave Maria and is murdered by Otello.
The modernity of the instrumentation, controls and trim blend incongruously yet seamlessly with the classical elegance of the sumptuous hand-stitched leather upholstery that comes in a choice of unlikely colours including purple.
Incongruously, however, at the same time as people express their frustration with government, a great many Americans are calling for almost complete socialism--federal controls over healthcare, the environment, work conditions, etc.
After introducing basic ideas of diversity and community policing, she offers chapters on Native Americans, Arab Americans, the elderly, African Americans, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, and Asian Americans, as well as a chapter on hate crimes and terrorism set rather incongruously in the midst of the ones just mentioned.