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The modernity of the instrumentation, controls and trim blend incongruously yet seamlessly with the classical elegance of the sumptuous hand-stitched leather upholstery that comes in a choice of unlikely colours including purple.
Incongruously, however, at the same time as people express their frustration with government, a great many Americans are calling for almost complete socialism--federal controls over healthcare, the environment, work conditions, etc.
Eighty percent of respondents indicated offering no mentoring opportunities while incongruously, 58.
Some stories provide their illuminations with seemingly simple observations a pheasant spotted on a drive, a groundhog that found its way, incongruously, into the branches of a mulberry sapling.
After introducing basic ideas of diversity and community policing, she offers chapters on Native Americans, Arab Americans, the elderly, African Americans, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, and Asian Americans, as well as a chapter on hate crimes and terrorism set rather incongruously in the midst of the ones just mentioned.
Not only is everyone incongruously bundled up and often complaining about how cold it is, but nothing about the film's settings remotely evokes the sprawl, bustle or squalor of Mexico's capital.
Instead of showing her sitting on the ground in front of the cathedral, my first example (right) tells her story by stressing the incongruously abundant detail she has applied to her face, clothing and doll.
There's no better place to do just that than Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation, an inviting restaurant incongruously located at San Francisco's Crocker Galleria.
A stretch of what used to be the A47 running through rural Norfolk that was bypassed years ago, incongruously, retains its trunk road lighting.
Words that show up in spelling bees are often absurdly arcane, and when contestants ask to hear them used in a sentence, it's the perfect setup for incongruously adult punch lines.
And at Little America's heart, incongruously, is Saddam Hussein's Republican Palace, with its "marble hallways and velvet chaises.