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Unlike most of the rules Phelan proposes, the Rule of Relative Inconsequence falls into this second category.
It is important to note that, considering the actual structure of the dimension, the proposal is that the revised dimension has its original name changed to Inconsequence, reflecting in a more appropriate way the traits it covered.
Its inconsequence is the dream irrelevance, and by a miracle of art we are possessed, as we read, with that sense of an intimate logic, consecutive and irresistible and more real than reality which is the dream's supreme illusion....The event in a dream do not produce each other, but they seem to.
(1989), "Representation of the elderly in advertising: crisis or inconsequence?", The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 6 (1), 37-44.
His preference to remember nothing at all as opposed to memories that remind him of their inconsequence prompts him to give up on efforts that seem doomed:
Tuned to the gnat-like attention span of the young with its ludicrously tight 140 character limit in which to convey your message, and full of inconsequence and bile.
There is another layer of Cannabis use--the drug's psychiatric effects--that is seldom visible to the public eye but quite palpable in the field of mental health--a troubling disconnect because those psychiatric effects have been softened to inconsequence, or are not spoken of at all.
As the poet recalls his random streetcorner meetings with the future patriots, he is puzzled by the triviality and inconsequence of their former existence.
Qualitative Content Analysis According to Graneheim and Lundman (2004) Theme Communication Barriers Category Nondecision Problems Holding Codes to the Decision Unworthy tube feeding Back to the start again Starving to death New opinion Painful unnecessary New examinations examinations Ambiguities in the approach Undignified death to next-of-kin Incomplete pain relief Ashamed for the next-of-kin Impossible to make a status Forget the care plan Everyone has a chance The tube was back again Not easy to make a decision Discontinuity among physicians Death gives bad statistics Not stand by decision Inconsequence among physician New questionable signs
The latter continued with Oplan Bayanihan, thinking that its mystique and media drumbeats could reduce the revolutionary forces to sitting ducks for military decimation and complete inconsequence.
In his performance of the stupid, shuffling buffoon, Bert Williams becomes a sign of emasculated ridicule, reassuring the white audience of the black man's inconsequence in majority culture.