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The 'kindness' of the father and child walking the beach together, 'an inconsequent pastime', culminates in '[m]eaningless[ness] but for individual pain / No death, no birth relieves or lunar pulses drown'.
Notably, in the Afrikaans version of the book the offensive term remains, which may seem inconsequent, taken into account that the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act of 2000 declares the use of words such as kaffir, hotnot and coolie as hate speech (BBC News).
He shifts his identity with the inconsequent coherence of a reverie.
31) Wells's New Republic is no frozen Utopia: its founders "will not conceive of it as a millennial paradise, a blissful inconsequent stagnation, but as a world state of active .
Elle se deploie contre un certain positivisme formaliste trop etroit et un principe de deduction trop inconsequent, cela dans l'objectif de maintenir la science juridique en phase avec les phenomenes sociaux (107).
Lewis categorizes different sorts of "apes"--the most dangerous being the productive ape, he or she who engages in "more than the inconsequent daubing and dabbing .
51) Consequemment, la poesie ne pent constituer une variable necessaire ou determinante dans les ecrits d'Hocquard; s'il lui semble vain de poser des problemes strictement poetiques, il devient inconsequent de tenter de trouver des solutions specifiquement poetiques a des interrogations.
And just before the end of this finely structured film, there is talk of the weather, inconsequent talk that implies only continuation, the kind of talk we hear at the end of Ozu's Tokyo Story (Tokyo monogatari, 1953).
Bien plus qu'un inconsequent jeu de mots, la metaphore s'avere au final riche de sens.
If so, is humanities or humanistic scholarship inconsequent today?
It would be quite inconsequent in deciding that (semiprofessional and professional) sporting activities constitute an economic activity and therefore fall within the scope of the Treaty but the rules establishing the access and the conditions to engage in this (economic) sporting activity falls outside the scope.