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Rankism is everywhere, he claims, and makes almost everyone feel invisible and inconsequential at one time or another in his or her life, whether during the first days of junior high school, starting college or a new job, being unemployed, or even awaking one day to realize you're retired.
Tony Clare says bookmakers shorten the horse they have taken significant money on and the lengthening of others is inconsequential
A leak can be a mechanical or a structural failure, and it can be inconsequential or catastrophic, depending on the magnitude of the leak and the contents of the tank.
One of them was Michael Snow's inconsequential bonbon, Prelude, which had its minute in the Walter Reade Theatre and can otherwise be ignored.
The fact that some dancers in Jeanne Ruddy Dance are over 40 might seem inconsequential to the piece or to the dancers' prowess.
Caroline and Joel's knowledge of the New York retail market is intimate and comprehensive, and they maintain a network that alerts them to new-developments, however small and seemingly inconsequential.
Just as Western Union was a valuable but inconsequential competitor for the early Bell System, it allowed Bell to point to competition as an antitrust defense.
What matters to the school board as to the CMA, Byfield comments, are human "rights"; but human "lives" are inconsequential.
In the twinkling of an eye, one of our finest, least splashy companies has decided its CEO needs a higher profile, while a piddling, inconsequential corporation whose public profile has always been far out of proportion to its actual size ($155 million in sales?
Section 554) on notice that the property is burdensome to the estate or is inconsequential in value.
6721-1T(c) provides that "[a]n inconsequential error or omission is not considered a failure to include correct information.
Our reasonable request would have been that we received more than a 24 hour notice to solve this unimportant and inconsequential issue, and that a company is timely informed through authoritative sources, not from websites.