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Inconsequently fatigue and discomfort may be experienced which will accentuate poor postural habits and spinal pain (Parcells et al.
I am befuddled by the semantics, speech acts and pragmatics of these projections, if I may use some linguistic terminologies that I have often inconsequently repeated in the classroom.
In "Parable of the Fortune Teller," the only poem written in prose (and, not inconsequently, placed in the very center of the book), a wandering monk has found the famous clairvoyant he was looking for in a village market.
Even the sustained farce of partial eradication seems electronically savvy, for this is the kind of dislodged false morpheme one finds buried inconsequently in longer lexemes in the arbitrary process of e-text word-searching, where--right there, for instance--the alphabetic triad "ear" might be tossed up as a phonetically inactive component of "searching" in a find-and-replace scan, or "ere" in "where" and "there.
During 1992 and 1992 McMahon undertook deep fieldwork within the Black Rock Coalition (BRC), an organization with major branches in New York City and Los Angeles (not inconsequently the music industry capitals of the country).