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That is not an inconsiderable sum but the problem is that, as a percentage of council "turnover", we are at a point of diminishing returns if attempts are made to recover it.
A Pocket Guide: Cardiff, publishedby the University of Wales Press and The Western Mail, traces the history of the city from the 18th Century, when it was referred to as ``an obscure and inconsiderable place'', to the thriving capital it is today.
All is now well with Wunders Dream and with the not inconsiderable assistance of useful young jockey Paul Hanagan in the saddle she can ruin Hannon's day.
And if there was one at all, I'm sure it was evened out by the not inconsiderable signing-on fee he will have got in his pounds 16m move.
On an annual basis it amounts to pounds 234 - not an inconsiderable amount for Irish customers," said Michael Campbell, author of the Tesco study.
Let's all hope that frontman Richard Carter's larynx implodes as it almost certainly will considering the not inconsiderable strain heaped on it - and the listener's ears.
The assembled gathering at the BBC Television Centre was a veritable who's who in sport, and it was great to see our region play a not inconsiderable part.
But the number of applicants is now so high that there will be a not inconsiderable number who are quite capable of becoming good teachers but who are being turned away.
Judie Tzuke has not been seen around these parts recently but her not inconsiderable army of supporters turned out in force for the first of two nights at Ronnie Scott's.
magazine - I am not filled with an inconsiderable amount of emotion as I remember my father.
A great deal of the potential value in Bluebird depends upon the successful relaunch of Polly Pocket and The Disney Tiny Collection in North America which necessarily carries with it not inconsiderable risks.
Never say die: McCoy demonstrates his indomitable spirit as he and Family Business romp home to collect the not inconsiderable sum of pounds 4,824 for first place