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Having summarised positive and negative consequences of the shutdown of Ignalina NPP according to the methodology of indicators proposed in this work, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the shutdown of Ignalina NPP has changed the energy security level of Lithuania inconsiderably.
Sometimes there may be a need to chastise motorists for parking inconsiderably or dangerously, but greed came ahead of traffic management.
When estimating the average values of fluid flow parameters, the following preconditions such as pressure, density, internal energy and temperature change inconsiderably in a cross-section of a pipeline are taken into consideration.
While such responses have appeared often and consistently, their tenor has, over the course of the last fifty years, varied not inconsiderably, generally following or drawing on topical trends in contemporaneous philosophy.
Gamut obtained by measurements of 10 days aged print is decreased inconsiderably in regard to the one measured for 5 days.