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Some of the biggest names in the field (a good portion of whom are Latin American by birth) pursue Latin American cultural studies within not inconsiderably funded U.
1) One of the problems that attends any investigation of migrancy in Rushdie's work is the almost limitless applicability of the concept, fostered not inconsiderably by the author's own moves from India to Pakistan to England, and now to New York.
Not inconsiderably, there would be perhaps $500 million in annual cost savings within a few years, allowing the new company to invest heavily in new artists without trashing the P&L.
A Lexington legend is one of the long-serving local waitresses-a not inconsiderably built woman of Bavarian extraction with a heavy German accent.
Abusively (01) Insensitively (21) Accusingly (02) Lively 22) Appreciatively (03) Loyally (23) Backbitingly (04) Miserably (24) Badly (05) Nastily (25) Belovedly (06) Negatively (26) Blessedly (07) Peacefully (27) Coldly (08) Pleasingly (28) Cruelly (09) Pleasurably (29) Damnably (10) Praisingly (30) Delightfully (11) Rudely (31) Discouragingly (12) Sweetly (32) Faithfully (13) Terribly (33) Fantastically (14) Thankfully (34) Gently (15) Thoughtfully (35) Happily (16) Trustingly (36) Harshly (17) Truthfully (37) Impolitely (18) Unappreciatively (38) Inconsiderably (19) Violently (39) Inhumanely (20) Wonderfully (40)
The channel is hollow thick-walled inconsiderably thermoconductive equipment, in the interior cavern of which flow the formed combustion products.
When the problem is solved by the second strategy with 12 and 24 computers, the results are inconsiderably better, as compared with the case where six computers are applied.
Because of the great part of tourist in passenger traffic of Dubrovnik port, that traffic shows characteristically dynamic trend of growth inconsiderably smaller than trend of growth in tourist traffic of Dubrovnik.
Memories of happier days were recalled by Edwina Currie, who revealed that John Major was not quite the not inconsiderably grey man we thought he was but another hot-to-trot legover lad who just loves getting down to basics.