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They wrote a post on the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Shepshed Station Facebook page which read: "This afternoon the crew at Shepshed Fire Station were severely delayed getting to the station due to inconsiderate drivers blocking the access outside the fire station.
I have to travel regularly on motorways if I want to maintain my relationships with my family who are scattered, and I regularly encounter these inconsiderate drivers.
She said inconsiderate drivers make the situation even worse by parking in the bus bay, so when the school service arrives it has to stop in the middle of the road and the children have to step off the pavement to board.
The Springfield neighbourhood team launched a crackdown on inconsiderate parking earlier this year after they were bombarded with complaints from residents.
CAM footage has captured idiotic and inconsiderate driving of motorists on West Yorkshire roads.
And why is there such a focus on speed yet so many other types of inconsiderate and dangerous driving -- such as driving so close to the car in front that there is little chance of avoiding a collision if that car makes an emergency brake, seemingly never enforced?
London, Jan 25( ANI ): Manchester City teen star Courtney Meppen-Walter has been charged with causing death of a brother and sister of Indian origin by slapdash or inconsiderate driving after a crash last year.
Are smokers the most inconsiderate, selfish bunch of people on the planet?
d n see r y I'd need to Recently she's been renting out her flat on short-term contracts and the tenants are always noisy and inconsiderate because they are there on holiday.
This lack of attentiveness was caused by inconsiderate road users, worries about work, or tension at home, the poll by road safety charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line found.
ADANA, Jun 5, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's prime minister defined on Saturday an article of a leading British magazine as unfortunate, inconsiderate and meaningful.
No, you would think that this is very inconsiderate, wouldn't you?