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There was also proportionate increase in the mean body weights with the ages till the age of 26-35 years, thereafter the weights showed an inconsistence decline in the advanced age groups.
SUI has a significant impact on the quality of life for many women, although estimate of prevalence vary widely due to inconsistence lies in the definition of SUI and differences in population studied.
CSE does not predict PEOU and PC, which is inconsistence with Venkatesh (2000) and Wang e al.
The Commission should seek ruling of unconstitutionality of some relating provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act that are inconsistence with the Constitution.
When an inconsistence is detected it should be treated.
In a series of editorials published in "Cuvantul" between July 30 and August 3, 1930, Nae Ionescu referred to the crisis of the Romanian political parties, derived from the inconsistence, even lack, of appropriate political platforms: "Our parties live in an incredible programmatic anarchy" (14).
Studies regarding the effect of sequential vein bypass grafting on clinical outcome in on-pump CABG had yielded inconsistence results.
Walker et al [7], studied the effects of 10-week stamina exercised on IGF-1 level and observed no change, which is inconsistence with our findings [7].
Comparison of these fractures is hampered by inconsistence in fracture classification, treatment and evaluation method.
You have been inconsistence through out, and you got to give way.
These procedures are inconsistence in nature as each stage involves many lecturers from different background of disciplines in the FKAB.
In order to generalize the study and to remove the inconsistence of the relationships due to different unit measures for the force components and for the moment components, the normalized coupling matrix was introduced (Svinin, 1995):