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"Flowery words" and "inconsistence of words and acts" are manifestations of lack of virtues, which is not conducive to the spread of value.
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)- a regulator of futures market-feels that the law remains fundamentally incomplete, lacks a proper and logical structure and suffers from numerous inconsistence and gaps.
It reflects decision maker's expressions having inconsistence, incompleteness, indeterminate information.
There is an inconsistence that the thickness of the cornea would change or not with the IOP elevation [30, 31].
The reason of its superiority may be originated from the inexistence of the space inconsistence which is inevitable during concatenation operation.
Consistency measures have been identified in the review based on inconsistence data.
Inconsistence epidemiological data is available in different studies because of small-scale studies, limited population and dealing with only registered cases.
Noisy data, there are incorrect and inconsistence attributes values due to data entry problems, so these inconsistencies are corrected by making all inconsistence attributes consistence.
During proceedings of petitions against the Election Act, 2017, the Supreme Court held that morality or mala fide is not the ground to strike down a piece of legislation, and asked the lawyers whether it could be cast away if found inconsistence with the fundamental rights of the people.
These variations can result in inconsistence of product quality such as sink marks, short shot, flash, or large warpage.
The inconsistence of the alliance partners' responses to external environment has a direct impact on the alliance governance [15].
Especially in the economic field, the opinions of the populist supporters show inconsistence: on the one hand, they support higher taxes for higher incomes but, on the other hand, they oppose the redistribution of wealth.