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Andrew Little says, Declarations of inconsistency can perform an important function by informing Parliament that the senior courts consider an Act of Parliament to be inconsistent with the fundamental human rights affirmed in the Bill of Rights Act.
And it wasn't just Rain or Shine's inconsistency he shrugged off, it was also the atmosphere that comes of playing against crowd darlings Ginebra.
Integrating data from different data sources will yield data inconsistency.
I said the same yesterday on Wijnaldum: With just 12 games to save themselves, inconsistency is something Newcastle can ill afford.
The key word in that last sentence is purposeful, because haphazard inconsistency is clearly a detriment to a positive user experience.
Inconsistency in rules could lead to higher compliance rules, while making regulations easier to skirt, some banks have indicated.
MR INCONSISTENCY Tabaka works on his bike in the Armadale pits
Inconsistency at the front of the tournament has cost us and we're probably playing or best cricket now," she said.
President Obama has criticised Republican challenger Mitt Romney over his inconsistency on serious issues such as tax cuts and defense spending.
The study found inconsistency with physician orders in 63% of cases.
But having noticed the inconsistency, what are we to make of it?
VILLA'S inconsistency from season to season is why they've never been able to achieve their full potential, according to former striker Juan Pablo Angel.