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If two statutes impose conflicting obligations on a defendant, that inconsistency cannot be resolved by the plaintiff choosing between inconsistent rights'.
"I see the logical inconsistency in what I'm saying here," acknowledges Geraghty, "but we have to bring the constituency along to the point of recognizing the horrors of abortion."
Powell revealed Curbishley's determination to stamp out his side's inconsistency, saying: ``It's typical of us to have highs and lows.
"Flexibility" in a product life-cycle management (PLM) system can encourage deadly inconsistency, for example.
Realizing this inconsistency, students were encouraged to submit an entry each week, regardless of whether they had gone to the clinical site.
There is reported inconsistency among districts in how personnel of the Internal Revenue Service conduct audits and enforce collections.
Economists would say that smokers' preferences are characterized by "time inconsistency." In the future, they'd like to be nonsmokers.
Supply inconsistency also creates billing difficulties as well as product-specific problems with automated counting devices.
However, Stoneburner emphasized, the statute "does not require an employee to eliminate an inconsistency between self-image and anatomy; it protects the employee from discrimination based on such an inconsistency."
The aim of this study was to determine the abstract data inconsistency rate of Clinical Chemistry.
One common error is inconsistency between the therapy minutes reported in the MDS and in the treatment logs.
Inconsistency between cointegration and efficiency arguably arises out of two conflicting assertions.