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Reciprocally contradictory or repugnant.

Things are said to be inconsistent when they are contrary to each other to the extent that one implies the negation of the other. For example, a city ordinance might be inconsistent with a state statute; or two defenses to a crime, such as the defenses of alibi and Self-Defense, are inconsistent.


adjective at variance, capricious, changeable, conflicting, contradictory, contrarius, contrary, different, disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, dissonant, divergent, erratic, fickle, fitful, flighty, illogical, incongruous, inconsonant, inconstans, inconstant, irreconcilable, jarring, lacking accord, lacking harmony, moody, mutable, notional, paradoxical, unstable, unsteady, unsuitable, vacillating, variable, volatile
Associated concepts: alternative pleadings, inconsistent causes of action, inconsistent defenses, inconsistent stateeents, inconsistent verdict
See also: anomalous, contradictory, deranged, desultory, disconnected, discordant, discriminating, disjunctive, disordered, disparate, disproportionate, dissenting, divergent, illogical, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate, inapt, incommensurate, incompatible, incongruous, inept, ludicrous, miscellaneous, opposite, repugnant, sophistic, unusual
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This study also found that people using amphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine, or alcohol were more likely to use condoms inconsistently while having a detectable viral load.
ii) the DOC acted inconsistently by failing to ensure in the OTR investigation that the methodology it used to establish the existence and amount of benefit to tire producers from their purchases of SOE-produced inputs from trading companies did not calculate a benefit amount in excess of that conferred by the government provision of those inputs; [.
Young people who were in a romantic relationship were more likely than their unattached counterparts to have used condoms inconsistently (6.
Age Concern has recently challenged the Government on this and at Harrison Clark we are aware of cases where the guidelines are still being applied inconsistently.
It can affect people differently and inconsistently - a person may be able to do something one day and then be unable to do it the next.
Additionally, this supplement does not contain responses to questions 4 through 7, because many states answered inconsistently and responses could not be presented reliably.
CONCLUSIONS: Documentation in the Emergency Department is generally of a low standard with observations being done inconsistently and important parameters such as respiration being rarely monitored.
Banks spend a lot of their marketing money promoting their brand, but then they turn around and dilute that investment by communicating inconsistently across communications channels, says Chris Stone, president and CEO of the company.
A member in an electing large LLC may not report any entity-level item inconsistently with the LLC return, even if the member notifies the Service of the inconsistent treatment.
Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom John Hanford said that while China has made progress over the past decades, its policies are ''very inconsistently implemented.
Foul trouble to Cassell and Livingston contributed to that unusual substitution pattern, but it also showed that a lot of the Clippers' individuals are playing inconsistently.
Unfortunately the word is translated inconsistently into English and does not convey the thread of meaning very well.