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Abstraction seems inconsonant with the kinds of material embodiment perceived as integral to activist engagement (which ecocriticism has always sought).
Of course, the SEP's contention that "the world will continue to deteriorate until 90 percent of its population is eliminated"--an outcome to be facilitated by the lead pipes--clearly is inconsonant with any hope for a large membership.
And when Palestinian claims come from a political party that is conveniently debased and hounded as "terrorist", they are discarded as extreme, "unrealistic", un-diplomatic or inconsonant with Quartet "principles".
At times, these two principles militate against each other--as when the status quo results in outcomes that are inconsonant with truth.
With the specter of Emmett Till and James Byrd lingering in the American and southern black consciousness, Ernest Gaines has almost obsessively made black male subjectivity within this inhospitable territory his artistic raison d'etre, one aim being to show that black male personhood and US southern culture are not inconsonant.
Quite apart from the question of whether H is a victim of talent slavery, a tax-and-transfer program which systematically leaves more talented persons with lower welfare than less talented persons seems inconsonant with liberal egalitarian conceptions of justice.
Mendelssohn disdained Locke's formulation because he found the religious vision inconsonant with his own.
It was woven into a complex worldview composed of sometimes inconsonant themes.
The results are inconsonant with the earlier reports where the larval weight was shown to be gradually elevated in all instars during different instar periods of the development (Dhinakar et al., 1990).
1997) (holding that the Colorado Health Care Availability Act's "medical services arbitration provisions are 'inconsonant' with, and therefore preempted by, the Federal Arbitration Act").
Such review was once deemed inconsonant with the ...
(254) This result rings inconsonant with Congress's purpose behind the section 7 amendment--to require a balancing of benefits so as to avoid conflicts between society and the goals of the ESA.