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MISTCODE is inconspicuous, just like an electronic watermark, and can embed additional information.
DU is a message that you do not have to be born with a silver spoon, or avail of student loans, to get access to the best out there; that just because you have studied at an inconspicuous Ghaziabad school, you won't have to jostle with the rest of the country ( and beyond) for the 10/ 50 per cent seats ( excluding other quotas) they seem to be offering as a dole.
Since its opening in September, parishioners have been a largely inconspicuous presence on the Trenant Road campus, using their place of worship for communion and prayer meetings.
I will rent you a Ford Taurus so you will remain inconspicuous.
Because of its inconspicuous appearance (a wand-like form and tiny flowers), the orchid is most readily identified by its unpleasant odor, which has been likened to a corral of horses, strong cheese, and, yes, human feet.
The neoplastic cells vary from small to large, showing folding and cleaving of the nuclei, resembling centrocytes (small- to medium-sized cleaved cells with inconspicuous nucleoli) and centroblasts (large noncleaved cells with vesicular chromatin and several peripheral nucleoli).
In keeping with Bruckheimer's low-key persona, even his headquarters are inconspicuous, with the only outward sign of Hollywood power being the coterie of valets who await your command.
La Cueva, a signless, inconspicuous club on a vibrant but gritty stretch of 26th Street--the main drag of Chicago's Mexican community La Villita--is by many accounts the oldest existing Latino drag club in the country.
The Integra has inconspicuous controls mounted on the door's edge, while the Evolution's controls are mounted on the face of the appliance.
Before their abominable plan is put into effect, the terrorists who seize the plane are similarly unremarkable, and utterly inconspicuous.