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The players are the stars, the umpires are there to be as inconspicuous as possible.
Moreover, it also shows that mimicry of venomous snake patterns by harmless snakes may be even more widespread than previously realised, since inconspicuous, but characters tic patterns, can also deter predators.
Mas' reaction to Brooklyn is priceless and his inconspicuous investigation into the homicide is a fantastic amateur sleuth inquiry that feels genuine.
To determine if your floor has a surface finish, scratch the floor gently with a coin in an inconspicuous area.
Before the events of September 11, 2001, the SDDC building was inconspicuous.
The ad may raise the level of awareness of the proposal among South Australians: formal public notice was previously limited to an inconspicuous ad that asked for public comment on the site.
Mythistory illustrates historiography accordingly from Livy to Machiavelli, Vico and Michelet to Burckhardt, Aby Warburg, Kantorowicz and--with his 'attempt to retain the image of history even in the most inconspicuous corners'--Walter Benjamin.
After a three-hour boat ride upriver from the lodge, we disembarked at an inconspicuous spot and walked the half mile to the community.
A deserted little aircraft landing field west of the inconspicuous village of Inyoken, about 50 miles from Goldstone, was selected as an appropriate location.
Plastic explosives are difficult to detect because a bomb maker can mold them into concealable or inconspicuous objects.
Flowers are inconspicuous, but the long, pea-like pods develop in the late summer and persist into late autumn, sometimes dangling from the branches into early winter.
There are a number of books that focus on inconspicuous technology.