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Most solvents won't harm or discolor plastic laminate, but play it safe and test them on an inconspicuous spot first.
Are these cameras legal as they are inconspicuous even at 30mph, and have there been any accidents to justify their existence?
Dr Wster and his final year students tested whether wild birds avoid the characteristic, but inconspicuous zigzag band of the venomous adder.
Nucleoli were inconspicuous, mitotic figures were infrequent, and there was no spindle-cell differentiation.
Though the self-proclaimed Dadaist continued to paint, Koller opted also for an interventionist sign making, a manipulation of the meaning of the most inconspicuous situations.
Along the way, Money specifies how these organisms benefit people in inconspicuous ways and profiles mycologists, such as himself, who have devoted their careers to studying fungi.
Both the male and female flowers are yellowish green and inconspicuous. Female clusters develop over the season into pale brown, fuzzy seed balls, prompting the popular name "buttonwood." The seed balls dangle on the branches through the fall and much of the winter before beginning to shed seeds in spring.
And in have come a series of inconspicuous race titles carrying the name of what looks suspiciously like a bookmaking company.
"Players who have been prolific scorers elsewhere are not now doing it for this club," added Royle, whose three-pronged strike force of Goater, Dickov and Taylor were largely inconspicuous.
Generally this is achieved through an inconspicuous control panel in the building's lobby with the command station located elsewhere in the building.
2 IF a booze-sodden Charles Kennedy was sacked by the Lib-Dems because he became conspicuous by his absence from Westminster, will Menzies Campbell get the boot on the grounds that he's inconspicuous by his presence?
Check the label of any product you use to make sure it's recommended for vinyl and test it in an inconspicuous spot for discoloration.