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A little backup gun in a side pocket can be held inconspicuously if trouble is brewing.
Not having had the chance to organise themselves, especially given that they had no leadership, young people that triggered the January 25 revolution are inconspicuously represented in Egypt's first freely-elected parliament.
The suspects followed the bank customers inconspicuously and waited for the right moment of opportunity to break into their vehicles and steal the money that was withdrawn [at the bank]," explained an official at Sharjah Police.
5-10 cm, inconspicuously lepidote, green toward the apex, strongly coriaceous; blades narrowly subtriangular-lanceolate, not narrowed at the base, 15-24 x 5-6 cm, green, inconspicously and sparsely white-lepidote mainly adaxially to glabrous, nerved, suberect with recurved apex, apex acuminate.
Staunton has a marvellous eye for funny situations--whether it's the Survival Slouch perfected by the 6'4" Sam as he tries to slide inconspicuously into any room full of adults, Sam and his friend Darryl's inspired use of irons to toast peanut butter sandwiches (the toaster having inexplicably stopped working while in their care) or Sam's driving lesson which slowly and inexorably builds to a horrifyingly embarrassing climax.
It is unlikely to have been such an issue the last time Ken Clarke took a place at the famous table, a 1997-size mobile being somewhat harder to use inconspicuously.
The better of these black and white pieces are the small watercolors, hung somewhat inconspicuously below the larger pieces.
These creatures - naked to the human eye but for special glasses - are trying to live inconspicuously in the leafy village of Chorleywood.
This allows cannabis growers to do their business almost inconspicuously.
Japan's motor-assisted bicycles use a small electric motor and battery pack mounted inconspicuously on the bicycle to propel the rider, constantly adjusting the motor's force to the speed and resistance of the pedaling.
As you know, the Bristol Channel has the second highest tide in the world and would be able to produce electricity relatively inconspicuously 24 hours a day.