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Charles's transfer of courtship from Anne to Mary therefore hardly qualifies as inconstancy to a first attachment, nor can his marriage to Mary be accurately termed a second attachment.
It is thus the inconstancy of this trigger-happy population of investors (whose ranks include sophisticated institutional investors, they add) who are, by funding the value premium, providing the "tremendous opportunities" of excess return for rules-based value investors who can profit from their behavioral foibles.
Most of the increases have come about due to periodic inconstancy in the price of cotton rather than a broad basing of our exports to China.
This is not to say that there is an inconstancy to Easterling's unusual methods; on the contrary, Extrastatecraft marks her most explicit and synthetic statement yet about how to make sense of the complex contemporary phenomenon so often simplistically labeled "globalization." Today, this all too familiar term is little more than a catchall to describe everything from the expanding reach of multinational corporations and NGOs to the erosion of state authority to the rapid obliteration of cultural specificity by generic architectural and urban typologies, normalizing economic practices, and universal ecological crisis.
The Darkside keeps this train of inconstancy on track.
History has taught the Kurds hard lessons about the inconstancy of international allies in the face of power politics.
In this light, we may ask, what is the precise problem posed by "weak minds?" Their intellectual limitations aside, both sets of "weak minds" share a tendency toward inconstancy and irresoluteness.
In Much Ado about Nothing a false suggestion of inconstancy on the part of Hero ruins her life her prospects of marriage and brings shame and humiliation to the family.
covert operations, the humiliating raid that killed Bin Laden, and perceived American arrogance and inconstancy.
'What constitutes continuity amid the pressure of structural inconstancy?', Berlant asks, and how is this informed by the privileges, racial, sexual, and otherwise, with which one encounters shifting parameters of living and living on?
Orion, also called "The Hunter," visible the world over except for this hiatus, is a particularly special constellation in part because of its inconstancy. From Earth's perspective in our orbit, the sun is blocking the stars of Orion.
Music's productive inconstancy models the kind of polymorphous perversity that makes failure so supple and multivalent, so evasive and so frustrating.