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In general, weak minds suffer from inconstancy and irresoluteness; in most instances, "many do not know what they believe.
In Much Ado about Nothing a false suggestion of inconstancy on the part of Hero ruins her life her prospects of marriage and brings shame and humiliation to the family.
covert operations, the humiliating raid that killed Bin Laden, and perceived American arrogance and inconstancy.
Orion, also called "The Hunter," visible the world over except for this hiatus, is a particularly special constellation in part because of its inconstancy.
Such traditionally picaresque logic of constant inconstancy is appropriate to and emblematic of the open temporalities and the constant de- and reterritorialization of modern capitalism.
Music's productive inconstancy models the kind of polymorphous perversity that makes failure so supple and multivalent, so evasive and so frustrating.
Egerton (1668-1723) launched her career in poetry at age 14 with "Female Advocate: or, An Answer to a Late Satyr Against the Pride, Lust and Inconstancy, &c.
One of the reasons given for not including CS in RA treatment guidelines is that there seems to be inconstancy about whether CS are DMARDs--defined as controlling both signs and symptoms of RA, in addition to slowing or halting radiographic progression.
Similarly, while Chion acknowledges that it was the desire for sound that led to the "standardization of time" in the cinema (108), he minimizes the fact that time-based media are necessary for capturing how the inconstancy of ordinary language use creates meaning and the impression of mindedness.
In that context, it is perhaps not so surprising that Abdilahi was viewed as a turncoat for his subsequent, rather swift, conversion to the politics of Kenyan nationalism, and that similar suspicions of inconstancy attach to his conversion to Shi'te Islam in the 1980s--a conversion which, surprisingly, Kresse makes no attempt to discuss, beyond briefly attributing it to his belief in 'free will'.
Do not be hasty in branding your boss as a chameleon or for inconstancy because his or her priorities change.