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The case of the Laws of Love manifests the rupture between written text and writing process in L'Astree, according to which what is said (dit) -- an unchanging, constant form -- separates from the saying (dire) -- a variable, inconstant form.
More recently, a Sunday paper published a lengthy "open" letter from an ex-boyfriend who claimed she's inconstant, unreliable and an opportunist - a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black.
According to Defra figures, 8% of Wales compared with 3% of England is registered as common land, so Wales will be disproportionately affected by this policy - and indeed by the general intention expressed in the National Assembly's TAN 8 of pursuing a meagre and inconstant supply of energy from wind to the detriment of other renewables.
As a father to Lisa, de Kooning was similarly loving yet inconstant.
With good support from Madeleine Doran and others, he defends both the defiant Bussy and the stoic Chabot as men who "embody the power to remain constant in an inconstant world, an ability that their sovereigns notoriously lack" (156).
MacMillan's sensational demands were transmogrified into the rapture of young lovers under an inconstant moon.
An ambitious but inconstant man; his relative simplicity was ill-suited to the hurly-burly of contemporary politics.
10-Farras : Inconstant dans ses productions et changeant frequemment de jockey, il se confinera a un role d'outsider sans plus.
IF it form the one landscape that we, the inconstant ones, Are consistently homesick for, this is chiefly Because it dissolves in water.
Antoine's obsessive but inconstant passions are funny, mostly.
Having like Marvell made destiny his choice, Milton was uncompromised in the company of the inconstant, "astrologizing" Parker in the early 1660s, and is untouched by his attacks now.
More the ballet equivalent of a short story than of a novel, Washington Square seems too compressed to do justice to its principal characters, the shy heiress Catherine Sloper and her inconstant suitor, Morris Townsend.