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The Akord allows for quick, easy, and practical way to dispose adult incontinence products while protecting those suffering from incontinence from potentially embarrassing situations, like leaks, odor, or the inability to manage disposal on their own.
While the aging population remains the key driver of growth in the developed countries, emerging markets benefit from growing acceptance and understanding of incontinence, increasing the awareness of available products and their increased affordability.
Pamela Foye, Founder and CEO of Oopsie explains "I started Oopsie in January 2014 with my daughters and mother, because we realized that there are a lot of women, like ourselves, that have occasional incontinence.
This study design was based on the therapist's subjective impression that there is a discrepancy between the claims of patients at the incontinence clinic in Cologne, a city with about 1 million residents, and the accounts of patients in Brühl (and surrounding regions), a city with about 44 000 residents.
New polymer-filled products for adults are improving the way urinary incontinence can be managed.
Bowel incontinence is the inability to delay defecation in a controlled manner.
They found the prevalence of urinary incontinence was 15% for black women and 33% for white women (J.
Washington, October 7 (ANI): A new study suggests that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may worsen incontinence in postmenopausal women.
Urinary incontinence is reported by nearly one-third of women during pregnancy and is much more common afterward among those who were incontinent while pregnant, a study has found.
Obesity appears to confer a fourfold increased risk for urinary incontinence and twofold increased risk for anal incontinence, according to a study presented as a poster at the annual meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons.
Urinary incontinence is a common, chronic and often burdensome condition.