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Mixed urinary incontinence is defined as involuntary urine loss associated with both physical exertion/increased intraabdominal pressure and with urinary urgency.
Urinary incontinence is any involuntary or unwanted loss of urine.
TZMO's incontinence products are praised for their high price/quality ratio, which helps to maintain its strong position in the category.
Incontinence in Belarus is characterised by a dependency on imports and the dominance of one company -- TZMO, which continued to lead in 2014, recording an 85% value share.
Kimberly-Clark, the company who can be credited with bringing adult incontinence mainstream with its two major brands--Poise for light incontinence and Depend for more severe cases, continues to be the market leader.
Across all companies carrying incontinence products, JS Unitrade Merchandise had the highest value share in 2013, owing to its brands Caress and Secure.
9% of the male participants had urge incontinence followed by 26.
com)-- Oopsie incontinence kits are specifically designed for women who experience occasional incontinence and need a quick solution when accidents arise.
Using survey data from 96,480 participants in the Nurses' Health Study, these researchers determined the risk factor for prevalence of urinary, fecal, and dual incontinence.
In this population, impaired mobility is associated with urge but not stress incontinence, according to an observational, cross-sectional study from France.
To meet the needs of a growing aging population, store brand adult incontinence options must provide dependable protection tailored for an active lifestyle.