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A few of the incontinent men (6/29) showed evidence of urethral obstruction on urodynamics.
Palmer: Prompted voiding has been researched the most, but as I said before, it's probably most appropriate for those residents who aren't very incontinent and who can go to the bathroom without assistance or who will cooperate with toileting.
The primary applications for Fabriflex[TM] laminates are disposable garments and medical bandages that require superior and sustain fit, such as baby diaper ears or adult incontinent pants.
Such series is available for baby diapers, for adult incontinent diapers and for lady sanitary napkins.
The contract is the supply of disposable devices for incontinent patients in the specification and quantity as per the tender documentation for a period of two years.
Here's our strategy: First, all incontinent residents should be assessed to determine their risk of developing skin problems.
The new TenderPad (one-year pad) and the Incontinent Sensor are both ultra-thin and even in combination are undetectable by the resident.
George surmised that a 400-bed hospital should have only four or five seriously incontinent patients.
Even before that, social stigma often paralyzes incontinent seniors from contacting healthcare providers about their condition.
offers MPM Repel Waterproof Dressing, a product suitable for incontinent residents because it can be wiped off when soiled, rather than being discarded.
She's convinced, though, that she's incontinent, and won't stop ringing that bell.