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all clearly convicted, and incontinently executed, for crimes committed and afterwards confessed by others," and suggests that readers find more information about the cases in John Jay Smith's Celebrated Trials of All Countries (202).
Great uncle Charlie sprawled incontinently across the sofa.
And hereof hath it followed that when some person hath escaped any imminent danger, recovered health from a grievous sickness, or cure of a sore wound, passed some dangerous tempests of the sea, or obtained some victory in arms, or some riches or possessions, incontinently he yieldeth thanks therefore unto his familiar advocate in heaven, by whose means he imagineth to have received such benefits; which otherwise the mutable God, as he believeth, would never have granted him; and therefore runneth to this or that image with candles, torches, lamps, incense, bells, and a thousand other tricks; affirming this and that miracle, which in effect are no other but their false and ignorant imaginations.
It does not involve endorsement of values that are in fact wrong values, and it does involve regret at having acted incontinently. This is why most offenders can respond to censure and sanction through recognizing the point and fitness of them as well as through prudential considerations.
That his interest in the details of the lives of the billions of people with whom he so incontinently (and superficially) compassionates is less than obsessive is demonstrated by the following blast against the power of literature: To believe that, from reading books, you know what it really feels like to starve, to be in continual pain, to watch your children die--in short, to subsist in the Third World--is not refinement of sensibility but a trivialization of others' sufferings.
Suttees tells us "he would stand by the hour in the kennel, criticising their shape and their make, incontinently culling samples of his beard, until he was actually sore with the operation.
Eg: "Please give a welcome of incontinently euphoric proportions..." Please wipe that aren't-I-clever smile from your fat face Fry.
And as Voegelin puts it, "in such a state of rest man becomes aware of 'his nothingness, his forsakenness, his insufficiency, his dependence, his impotence, his emptiness.' Incontinently there springs from the depth of his soul 'the ennui, the blackness, the tristesse, the chagrin, the spite, the despair.'" (37) In short, in the quietude of thought, man experiences what the existentialists later called anxiety.
Wallace's paean to the uncoordinated creature hints at a homology between Hal's subjective paralysis and the form of the novel itself: on the one hand clinging to the notion of a shapeless, incontinently emotional, infantile sell on the other 'hyperlucid', proliferating mechanistic outlines for bodily and affective experience.
One might raise the problem of how a man who has the right belief of how to act can act incontinently. Some say that if he has knowledge of how to act rightly, he cannot be incontinent; for, as Socrates thought, it would be strange for a man to have knowledge and yet allow something else to rule him and drag him about like a slave.
When Fortune, justifiably angry at his wife's infidelity, "outragiously" falls from "words unto blowes with his wife, the smart whereof she feeling, incontinently begot in her dislike, and resolution of revenge on her Husband Clarke for the same, a fit humour for the devill to worke on." When Fortune finds his wife with her lover, "he freshly fell foule upon her, and so cruelly added blowe upon blow upon her body, that the markes thereof were very visible on her body at this present," that is at the time that she is apprehended and examined for killing her husband.
Even though patients do frequently void, usually incontinently, it is still important for the nurse to check for postvoid residuals (PVR) to watch for urinary retention.