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Suttees tells us "he would stand by the hour in the kennel, criticising their shape and their make, incontinently culling samples of his beard, until he was actually sore with the operation.
Eg: "Please give a welcome of incontinently euphoric proportions.
Incontinently there springs from the depth of his soul 'the ennui, the blackness, the tristesse, the chagrin, the spite, the despair.
Wallace's paean to the uncoordinated creature hints at a homology between Hal's subjective paralysis and the form of the novel itself: on the one hand clinging to the notion of a shapeless, incontinently emotional, infantile sell on the other 'hyperlucid', proliferating mechanistic outlines for bodily and affective experience.
One might raise the problem of how a man who has the right belief of how to act can act incontinently.
Ranging incontinently across time, space, dreams, wishes and film stocks that go all black-and-white when somebody's about to swoon (that is, every two or three minutes), he tells the tale of a gentleman thief who wants to sail around the world alone and a cabaret singer who wants to forget that her musician boyfriend and female duet partner ran off together.
When Fortune, justifiably angry at his wife's infidelity, "outragiously" falls from "words unto blowes with his wife, the smart whereof she feeling, incontinently begot in her dislike, and resolution of revenge on her Husband Clarke for the same, a fit humour for the devill to worke on.
Even though patients do frequently void, usually incontinently, it is still important for the nurse to check for postvoid residuals (PVR) to watch for urinary retention.
4) However, paraphrasing James, he adds crucially that 'the instincts incontinently touch, blend, overlap and interfere, and can not be conceived as acting each and several in sheer isolation and independence of each other' (Veblen 1914, p.
I exclaimed, thou art the very Janus who hast always delighted in antithetical presentments; who lovest to exhibit thy tragic face in its most doleful gloom, that thou mayst incontinently turn upon us the sunshine of thy comic smile.
I have watched this famous island descending incontinently, fecklessly, the stairway which leads to a dark gulf.