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And when I have done all that, I drop the bomb on them: stepping into my own mukluks, I tell them that all these things they believe to be TRUE are culturally constructed, that the science they have been taught to revere is only one worldview, and that the incontrovertibility of scientific proof is a fallacy.
Though Connolly disapproves, millions of people do "insist upon the incontrovertibility" of their creeds (p.
Information transmitted electronically may, because of its association with the `logic' of computerization, adopt the added force of incontrovertibility and be accepted as `fact'.
Toews explains that "the verification of the truth of this story ultimately remains dependent not on the marshaling of empirical data or on logical incontrovertibility, but on the act of mutual recognition whereby one person discovers an adequate symbolization of his or her life story in the story of another."(15) The "adequate symbolization" of their own life story in appropriated narrative is precisely what the three Beowulfian characters now to be discussed are seeking.
Moreover, the arguments offered in support of the view that human society is more and more in conflict with its own ecological life support systems are often models of the application of human reason - in the simplicity and incontrovertibility of their arguments.
It also discusses the Court's understanding of the purported common law rule that the writ serves only to test the jurisdiction of the committing court(50) and the related rule of the incontrovertibility of the truth of the return.(51) Part II demonstrates the common law writ's applicability to noncriminal detentions generally and to aliens in particular.