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I have seen powerful, incontrovertible evidence of his link to the events of September 11, " Mr Blair told BBC1's Breakfast with Frost.
Since he was one of the major architects of Reagan's economic policy Laffer could be accused of self-interested bias but the data he presents is incontrovertible.
The recorded pictures provide incontrovertible evidence that often leads to an arrest and eventually an appearance in a court of law.
The blood of Matthew Shepard is squarely on the hands of right-wing Christian crazies who create a climate of hatred toward gays based on the curious notion that the Bible, which was quite obviously written by human beings, is somehow the incontrovertible word of God.
And the justification has to be incontrovertible and overwhelming.
We took it as incontrovertible proof that the Kandi Man is a quick learner; only three years of serious schooling in basketball and already he seemed to understand the NBA's long-standing joke.
So he or she picks a fight and then points to the ensuing battle as incontrovertible proof of how he or she is unloved and/or misunderstood and/or mistreated.
Here are the inconceivably incontrovertible facts about the division:
The incontrovertible fact is that Alissss is nowhere near big enough to consume a small child.