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The waiting evidence was incontrovertibly green - a low-emission hybrid Lexus.
They are now incontrovertibly a potent force on the sport's greatest stage.
It is incontrovertibly the most ludicrous ITV two-parter there has ever been.
Mr Christopherson added: 'We are now beginning to see examples of highly professional and accessible sites that prove incontrovertibly that an organisation's website can and should be accessible to the broadest audience possible.
While the show's hosts, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, are the faces of the program, exec producer Zucker was, incontrovertibly, its engine.
"I can say categorically that in banning journalists from covering the (events in) Sabah, Malaysia is incontrovertibly violating the international human rights, particularly the civil and political rights (of the journalists)," the senator told a radio station.
Now, about the unfortunate manifestation of a fiscal imbalance revealed by the interface of my incomings and outgoings, as incontrovertibly demonstrated by my bank statement .
Mr Balcombe said: 'We say incontrovertibly he was ill at the time.'
Mr Balcombe said, 'We say incontrovertibly he was ill at the time.'
This is when the heart sinks, as you know that among London's taxi drivers - incontrovertibly the most knowledgeable on the planet - are one or two worthies from whom no donkey's hind leg is safe.
They have tried to obscure the fact that the issue of drugs in sport is absolutely, incontrovertibly fundamental to the health of football.
Moreover, the Jews' historical, moral and unreliquinshed legal right of settlement throughout the land of Israel is incontrovertibly enshrined in the preamble and provisions of the mandate, this right having been upheld even when challenged in the US.