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A shame then, that more than 4,000 people felt their enjoyment had been so incontrovertibly hampered, they were compelled to pen their distress.
It has been incontrovertibly established that the memorandum was authentic and Mr Haqqani was the originator and architect of the memorandum," stated the report.
Japanese legislators discussed Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara's plan to purchase three islets of the Diaoyu Islands on Tuesday, but they are just painting a room as the Diaoyu Islands incontrovertibly belong to China.
In the second decade of the twenty-first century, when postcolonial studies have reached new levels of self-reflection in their endeavors to undo, realign, and redraw colonialism's conditional boundaries, my own postcolonial training initially forced me to question the subtext of Cowan's assertion that one should attempt to understand ideas in their proper contexts, on their own terms, and to respect them (191), in opposition to my own conviction that South Asia is incontrovertibly a colonized space.
London, Jan 1 (ANI): Having acquitted herself well on 'Strictly Come Dancing', Christine Bleakley proved incontrovertibly that she is both glamorous and game.
Incontrovertibly, the country must have had -maybe if not in proportion to the losses extrapolated in billions of dollars-handsome cash and in-kind supports to overcome the challenges of 2010 floods.
org/cvd), proves incontrovertibly that from our nation' s founding, "democracy" was an elusive dream, and never a particular goal of our founding fathers (the white m ale property owners who comprised only 10 percent of the colonial population and whose true aim was to protect their own wealth and property rather than create a true democracy).
In the winter 2011, jobless claims rose after briefly dipping below the 400,000-level, but not enough data is available to incontrovertibly state the cause.
I had learned, in 1969, 1970, and 1971, incontrovertibly, that I had been wrong: the president was not the state or the king or the government.
But what is now incontrovertibly clear to me is that we must be proud of the people who have come before us, of those who have fought, rallied, litigated, shouted from the rooftops, and endured terrible hardships so that we may express ourselves like no generation has before us.
Napoleon famously remarked that he wanted his generals to be lucky, and if good fortune has its advantages in all sorts of contexts, then the art world is incontrovertibly one of them.
Buch then links this work, somewhat tenuously, to Kafka's short story, In the Penal Colony, without distinguishing between the fact that while they may bear some connections, the torture victim Kafka depicts was a figment of his imagination, while the man Bataille observes so enthusiastically was once incontrovertibly, agonizingly, alive.