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Inconveniently located: When the town of Wenling in eastern China offered Luo Bagen $20,000 to move so a road could be built, he refused--and the government simply built the road around him.
The trouble was that the ball - rather inconveniently - was in the wrong place.
8220;Over the past year we have been heavily focused on optimizing and upgrading our ATM network, which involved slightly downsizing the number of in-house terminals, and moving those placed inconveniently for customers to better locations,” says Susanna Usunyan, Head of Uniastrum's Retail Products Division and member of the Management Board.
Thailand wants to be Asia's medical hub and in the past the length of stay was inconveniently short so the government decided to extend it to not more than 90 days from 30 days currently," said the spokeswoman.
In fact many of the hotels in these packages are inconveniently located miles away from the main venues.
Inconveniently in this case however, Iran has powerful allies and protectors who are also oil consumers, and it is quite inconceivable that these would stand idly by and allow the West to facilitate yet another so called "regime change" favourable to themselves on the pattern of Iraq and Libya.
The global downturn is the result of a number of different factors inconveniently turning up at the same time, but in the case of the UK there is absolutely no doubt that Gordon Brown's policy of borrowing money up to the hilt and then using it on a madcap public spending spree which has been largely ineffective and wasteful has been a significant factor.
eUroPe LITTLE Slovakia proved a thorn in the side of the major European powers as it inconveniently voted down plans to expand the eurozone bailout.
The store was easy to navigate, with wide aisles, but there were some inconveniently placed stock trolleys in the chilled section.
That remains to be seen, of course, but with the nation continuing to rely on oil for the foreseeable future - and overseas sources often inconveniently mixed up with potentates and power politics - Americans should draw some comfort from the knowledge that more of the answer to our energy needs lies right beneath our feet.
Highlights include limited visibility landings, inconveniently placed volcanoes, and runways formed when the tide goes out.
Now retired, she does voluntary work in a charity shop in Redcar and travels often to see her family, who have inconveniently dotted themselves all over the country.