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at the end of it had a "depreciated inconvertible greenback currency, and a heavy burden of public debt" (2005: p.
Although the discount rates and the price of exchange were high, people hardly felt the harm of inconvertible currencies.
The perceived insufficiency of means of payment prevailing in the region was then replaced by excessive printing of inconvertible paper money.
Instead, during the "greenback" era from 1862 to 1879, the government issued an inconvertible paper currency called the "greenback.
The news literature on Civil War asset prices centers on price movements in an inconvertible currency issued by the U.
A US area, with the dollar at a fixed rate, an enlarged sterling area with floating convertible currencies based around sterling, and the rest with fixed inconvertible currencies.
In 1857 Austria finally managed to become a member of the Munzverein, despite its weaker fiscal and monetary situation and its long-standing depreciated inconvertible paper currency.
However true and inconvertible, such assertions tend to overlook how the linguistic and semantic aggregates are held together, what directs the meta-linguistic process, and what is its specific purpose" (107).
10)," in this case commitments to protect rationing, radically redistributive pricing and social policies, and an inconvertible currency.
The Malaysian government on Tuesday made the nation's currency, the ringgit, inconvertible overseas and said it would peg it at a fixed rate within this year.
The gold standard was, in effect, suspended during the Civil War, and the government issued inconvertible currency (i.
Although these currency control regulations have been abolished, the Malagasy franc remains inconvertible and may not be exported in large amounts.