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Although the Bullionist's preoccupation about the lack of acceptability of inconvertible paper money out of the country of issue is clearly a concern which belongs to a period far from today, Ricardo's quest for a stable monetary system is still very much alive, both in practice as well as in theory.
The inconvertible paper system has become highly unstable, as shown by the 2008 crisis, its aftermath as well as the turbulences that caused it.
Without them, government officials couldn't use inconvertible (that is, worthless) Sudanese pounds to buy weapons on the open market.
Con una economia sostenida desde 1878 en un debil patron de papel inconvertible, y enfrentados a la ausencia de fuentes de entradas sustentables que diversificasen el aporte al erario nacional, la opcion de favorecer el libre comercio como eje estructural de la economia fue casi unanime.
The European Banking Authority in a recent statement also warned of the dangers of dealing in crypto-currencies, and said that money invested in these could get stolen or become inconvertible into real money.
He at a conference referred to 'Pushtunistan' as an inconvertible reality.39 He provided the Baluch and Pushtun insurgents with small weaponry.
(11) Moreover, government may not declare any particular medium of exchange to be the sole means of payment in the marketplace, nor may it issue inconvertible paper money itself, nor mandate its use.
But an inconvertible believer in love, although not in fairy tales, I never doubted that somewhere out there was my right partner-for forever.
In the famous U2 incident of 1962, the Americans at first refused to acknowledge that they had been flying a spy plane deep into Soviet airspace and when confronted by inconvertible evidence before the rolling cameras of the international press with the pilot Francis Garry Powers and debris from the downed aircraft, the Americans still refused to say sorry.
"The evidence is inconvertible," US ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe said at the meeting.
En segundo termino, el papel moneda causa danos porque, siendo inconvertible y de obligatorio recibo, inunda el mercado, se cotiza con descuento y ocasiona el alza general de precios.