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To formally create a corporation pursuant to the requirements prescribed by state statute; to confer a corporate franchise upon certain individuals.

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v. 1) to obtain an official charter or articles of incorporation from the state for an organization, which may be a profit-making business, a professional business such as a law office or medical office, or a non-profit entity which operates for charitable, social, religious, civic or other public service purposes. The process includes having one or more incorporators (most states require a minimum of three for profit-making companies), choose a name not currently used (nor confusingly similar) by any corporation, prepare articles, determine who will be responsible for accepting service of process, decide on the stock structure, adopt a set of by-laws, file the articles with the Secretary of State of the state of incorporation, and hold a first meeting of incorporators to launch the enterprise. Other steps follow such as electing a board of directors, selecting officers, issuing stock according to state laws and, if there is going to be a stock offering to the public, following the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or the State Corporations Commissioner. If the corporation is non-profit, it will have to apply for non-profit status with the home state, and may, if desired, also apply to the Internal Revenue Service for federal non-profit recognition, both of which require detailed explanations of the intended operation of the organization. 2) to include into a unit. (See: corporation, stock, incorporation, incorporate by reference)

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(136.) Unlike treaties, customary international law is directly and indirectly incorporable and as such has been relied on in civil and criminal cases from the beginning of the United States.
Thus, to be both valid and useful, the approach taken to assessment must be aligned or consistent with the goals of the institution; assessment results must be credible and incorporable. The criteria on which an assessment is based must fit the institution's goals and priorities as well as being understood by the larger community.
Constitution(70) and prevailing expectations since the Founders that customary international law is both directly and indirectly incorporable,(71) such patterns and trends in use of international law are not surprising.
It will have to confront a book in which there is no sense but (non)sense, and in which all moral pronouncements or judgments are swallowed up by this meaningless meaning in order to keep us from finding "ourselves" at the site of any incorporable "good" that doesn't include, from before the beginning, the terror of a transitive and bad devouring.
Aunque gran parte de la seleccion de politicos y funcionarios como fuentes informativas puede deberse a los mecanismos arriba descritos--mantenimiento de la publicidad oficial, embutes o vinculacion entre los intereses economicos de los medios y los del gobierno--, tambien se manifiestan otros criterios, como la necesidad de los reporteros de "contar con fuentes estables que tienden a suministrar material informativo ya facilmente incorporable en los normales procesos productivos de la redaccion" (Wolfe 1987: 250):
To counter this, Condea Chemie, GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, has developed two fully incorporable amine catalysts for these water-blown systems.
In addition to lucid exposition, this work is replete with examples of firm response to both competitors and the external environment which are readily incorporable in economics courses at and above the principles level.