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All organizations want world-class quality levels, but achieving those quality levels requires a holistic view of quality that incorporates leadership support, repeatable and measurable quality processes and controls, resource planning, vision, customer support, and service-level management.
The SDLT design incorporates the Magneto Resistive Cluster (MRC) head design into LGMR assembly along with the Pivoting Optical Servo.
Finally, the responses reveal that providers base decisions on whether to incorporate new services on several factors: demand for the service, the providers' commitment to offering comprehensive health care to their clients and economic considerations.
Media are blasted into the blast cabinet using the JWL-401 Jet Wheel that is said to incorporate superior blast wheel design technology.
While there are many assessment forms and tools used by nutrition professionals across the nation, registered dietitians have desperately needed a comprehensive tool that supports the MDS format, incorporates best practices, permits accurate determination of nutritional risk and promotes effective time management for medical record documentation.
Executives decided to incorporate the Balanced Scorecard into Fortis Excellence, the company's own business model for strategic planning.
Sections four and five incorporate the work of Sergey N.
The towers all incorporate a plinth of seven car parking floors with generous covered and naturally ventilated entrance courts, together with retail facilites such as banking halls and restaurants at ground level.
I am asking for a layer in which we can see not only Corbu's white city but Jacobs' functional place, in which we can incorporate our discrepancy just as readily as we demand diversity.
17 May 2019 - Utah, US-based corporate massage and wellness company Incorporate Massage has acquired New York, US-based chair massage services provider Selah Bodyworks, the company said.
Known as "LEED Law" it requires all construction projects incorporate the environmental strategies to meet sustainability goals and principles of the green design to save energy, conserve water, contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment and protect the natural resources by incorporating use of rapidly renewable environmentally friendly materials integrated in the sustainable design principles.
They need to recognize and incorporate into their thinking--both within and outside the classroom--other key stakeholders in the academic enterprise: parents, communities, and employers.