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When seating was randomized for the final, the distribution of the percentage of residual matching incorrect answers was indistinguishable from one that would have been produced by chance.
Because of a reporter's error, a story in Monday's Telegram & Gazette listed incorrect contact information.
A VHI spokesman said examples of incorrect billing include: INCORRECT bed charges being invoiced by a hospital, for example, a private room billed where the patient occupied a semi-private room INCORRECT consultant charges being raised for cancelled surgical procedures, and PRIVATE fees being raised for patients who were treated as public patients.
Michael Barrett, aged 48, of Kingfield Road, Foleshill, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, fined pounds 175.
Anthony Clacken, 43, of Westbourne Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, driving a vehicle with an incorrect licence.
A story on Page D3 Sunday contained incorrect information.
Incorrect mold assembly: O-rings may be of the wrong size, twisted, pinched, cut, or missing altogether.
Unfortunately, many people today operate under an incorrect definition of science, one that excludes anything at all that may point to God.
* February issue: pages 40 and 42, an incorrect company listing and Web site are shown for Jeff Montaigne.
EHP regrets the incorrect and unintentional inference in "Paving Paradise: The Peril of Impervious Surfaces" [Environ Health Perspect 113:A456-A462 (2005)] that coal tar pitch is used in the actual hot-mix asphalt used to pave roads.
Some of the most commonly misspelled words in the region were misspelled (87 per cent incorrect), accommodation (70 per cent incorrect) and diarrhoea (60 per cent incorrect).