incorrect application

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The supreme court rejected the police appeal arguing that it didn't find the suspended two-year sentence imposed on the police officer as inadequate or the product of an incorrect application of the legal principles governing the sentence.
He voiced hope that misinterpretation and incorrect application of Section 113 of the Income Tax Ordinance, which was against the spirit of SRO 333 (I) 2011, would not be done again.
He hoped that misinterpretation and incorrect application of Section 113 of Income Tax Ordinance which was against the spirit of SRO.333 (I) 2011 will not be repeated again and FBR would continue to take more such steps which were badly needed as the loyal taxpayers from different sectors of the economy.
Disagreeing with court decisions, the National Bank filed cassation complaints, indicating the incorrect application of the procedural law, as:
A misunderstanding of the issue and an incorrect application of a solution will occur if there is a misinterpretation during the decoding process.
Last week, Ogra had expressed displeasure over incorrect application of the pressure factor in domestic consumers' gas bills by the SNGPL and ordered reversal/adjustment of higher collections made during the period between July 2018 and February 2019.
The incorrect application of a career offender enhancement is a procedural error subject to harmless error review.
In fact, he said most complaints received by the society related to an incorrect application of VAT by large food retailers.
He said that it was reported recently that the customs found many discrepancies in the import of tiles from Iran which included the incorrect application of customs values as contained in the valuation ruling vis-a-vis sizes of tiles, as the values were assessed on impugned tiles on lower slabs instead of applicable slabs.
CES-D symptom scores were expressed as discrete categories, and subsequent analysis was conducted using Chi-squared test.1 The CES-D scale, developed by Radloff, et al, is designed to be computed as a numerical score, to estimate the degree of depressive symptomatology in a respondent.2 An incorrect application of this scale therefore predisposes to questionable interpretation of results, when expressed in a Chi-squared table.1 It would have been more appropriate for the authors to compute a numerical score and apply a pre-validated cut-off score for depressive and non-depressive patients, as has been done in similar studies.3,4 Subsequent analysis may have been performed using parametric or non-parametric tests of independence, as appropriate.
As usual, for the most part, complaints and petitions in this segment concern issues related to OSAGO with a half of them relating to the incorrect application of the bonus-malus coefficient, the discount for accident-free driving.
"That together with an incorrect application of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited's own guidance note on the use of electronic equipment in the technical area in respect of a manager communicating with technical area staff from the directors' seating area after Mark was dismissed from the technical area."