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WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Friday criticized her rival from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, for failing to correct an incorrect assertion that U.
17 column ("Wyden's O&C timber bill fails rural Oregonians"), Nick Smith repeated the overused and factually incorrect assertion that they do, saying, "The absence of active management on these lands has taken an enormous environmental toll, as catastrophic wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of watersheds and habitat.
The UNHRC head Navinethem Pillay's assertion that if certain concerns are not comprehensively addressed, the international community will have a duty to establish its own inquiry mechanisms is absolutely incorrect assertion.
Scientists cried foul at the justices' incorrect assertion that cDNAs don't occur naturally, but that provision could allow companies to patent certain aspects of their research (SN Online: 6/14/13).
In a dramatic exchange she admitted that she knew at the time of the 2010 trial that it contained the incorrect assertion that 301 consignments had been intercepted by HMRC.
WHILST we were pleased that The Journal devoted space to the reasons why the Banks Group is looking to undertake a new residential development in Ponteland ("Village needs new homes to survive", The Journal, December 7), I felt it was important to correct an incorrect assertion that was made by Guy Opperman in his parliamentary comments, reported in your original article about them and then repeated in the December 7 piece.
The IRS rationalized that the holding in Pau was based on the incorrect assertion that taxpayers must demonstrate that debt treated as home-equity indebtedness "was not incurred in acquiring, constructing, or substantially improving their residence.
The Court based its ruling on the incorrect assertion that providing a copy of the infringed image is not sufficient to identify that image.
Because of this request, as a biologist I have written on this subject already in Catholic Insight with reference to the Winnipeg Statement's incorrect assertion that Humane vitae is somehow especially difficult for empiricists and biologists to accept (C.
The ad was reproduced online in the US without KFC's permission, where we are told a culturally-based stereotype exists, leading to the incorrect assertion of racism.
Partly it is the simple disregard for basic fact-checking--as in the simply incorrect assertion that the buying power of the average UK wage is higher than that in Australia--a sloppiness that also marked her recent Quarterly Essay, which was riddled with factual errors.
are not moving beyond their incorrect assertion that the town will have a windfall of revenue for police and fire services.