incorrect statement

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Mr Anastasiades has to withdraw this dangerous and incorrect statement.
On February 11, 2015, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Inspector Gulsher Mugheri on behalf of respondents, FIA, NAB and SECP, submitted an incorrect statement before the Honorable Court stating therein that 'nothing could establish, therefore the competent authority has ordered to close enquiry.
The spokesman added: "It does appear that an incorrect statement was made by an inexperienced manager, however, this does not reflect the company policy.
The former neurosurgeon was clarifying an incorrect statement made from a friend in a (http://www.
The spokesperson said that the Panamian Deputy Minister, Ivan Zarak's denial of the report about meeting with Finance Minister and Panamian Government's message of apology to Finance Minister over the incorrect statement given by their Deputy Minister, doubly confirms Finance Minister's denial of ARY's news telecast and more than that strengthens Finance Minister's stance taken against ARY CEO and its anchors.
In the article by Karim Pourhamzavi, 'How jihadists think and act', the following incorrect statement was made on p.
WHO issued a statement saying that it was deeply concerned by the circulation of an incorrect statement that was made during a press conference convened by the ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday, May 8, which wrongly and erroneously alleged the involvement of United Nations agencies in events conducted by Dr Shakeel Afridi.
Machete Media Productions apologizes for the confusion and inconvenience the incorrect statement has caused.
We as the common UPFA Councilors of the Northern Provincial Council were surprised and disappointed to observe the factually incorrect statement that has been going around in the media.
Whether it is posting a politically incorrect statement, misrepresenting the brand values, or simply ig-noring a customer.
We also apologise for quoting the incorrect statement that he was the only migrant nurse on the membership committee.
A FACTUALLY incorrect statement attributed to Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies has been blamed on a party official's typing error.