incorrect statement

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Moreover, he added, the PTI had made an incorrect statement that it had only received 90,000 US$.
Lahore -- PMLN leader Rana Sanaullah Khan Monday advised Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa not to issue incorrect statement against leadership,
The WHO has disputed Pakistan's claim, saying it was 'deeply concerned by the circulation of an incorrect statement that was made during a press conference'.
WHO issued a statement saying that it was deeply concerned by the circulation of an incorrect statement that was made during a press conference convened by the ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday, May 8, which wrongly and erroneously alleged the involvement of United Nations agencies in events conducted by Dr Shakeel Afridi.
Machete Media Productions apologizes for the confusion and inconvenience the incorrect statement has caused.
A FACTUALLY incorrect statement attributed to Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies has been blamed on a party official's typing error.
McFeely, whose shoddy building at Dublin firetrap Priory Hall made 300 residents homeless, denied giving an incorrect statement of his business affairs in a court action over an unpaid debt.
On a press release issued on June 12, 2012, Frost & Sullivan had a headline stating: "Frost & Sullivan: Detection of More than 800 Guns within Planes during 2011 Shows Importance of Airport Screening Technologies," which was an incorrect statement.
The publishers of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World have apologised for an incorrect statement in which they suggested 15 per cent of Greenland's permanent ice cover had melted.
The father-of-two was quizzed after allegedly admitting he had made an incorrect statement.
An incorrect statement was made with regard to all of the resolutions being passed.
When the error was pointed out to health bosses by The Grocer, they urgently removed the incorrect statement and replaced it with the rice milk advice.