incorrect usage

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However, we believe that incorrect usage of the statistical correlation system coupled with the lack of a satisfactory limitations section, greatly undermines the confidence with which the results of the study can be interpreted.
These can include damaged instrument containers that require replacement sets or re-sterilization, or wrong sizes or mix of products available in the OR leading to confusion, waste, or incorrect usage.
This cold snap could trigger increased risk of Carbon Monoxide poisonings and home fires due to incorrect usage of generators and heaters.
Father Christmas this year will mostly be delivering me the gift of realisation that I am officially #old (also proven by my frequent incorrect usage of hashtags).
Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with the incorrect usage of the Briseno factors but wrote in a dissenting opinion that the court's majority tossed the Texas court's ruling without considering societal standards.
It now concludes that the issue was due to incorrect usage of the starter button on the automatic version.
As noted by Justice, Mashbum, Hamre, and Pianta (2008) several studies have shown that the use of open-ended questions, expansions, and recasts (repeating student's incorrect usage correctly) during center time, storybook reading, and meal time led to accelerated language development in young children (Dickinson 2006; Girolametto & Weitzman, 2002; McKeown & Beck, 2006; Wasik, Bond, & Hindman, 2006).
Therefore, although PSMC powder is considered safe, incorrect usage may lead to severe side events such as thermal injury of esophagus or stomach.
But at the same time, because of incorrect usage of social contact of computer network and other reasons, it has certain negative effect on realization of interpersonal communication and formation of love viewpoint of undergraduate.
"It is also true that there are many who do not have that level of efficiency or use outdated gramA[degrees] mar, which makes their own use of English sound unnatural and who will pass this incorrect usage on to their students.
The answers strike a nice balance between high-level explanations of grammar and style rules, and straightforward examples of correct and incorrect usage. The book also features photos with clever captions, and quite a few of the examples also add some humor to the text.
However, the question that should be raised by the reviewers is that which graphical methods and summary statistics would be more valuable in certain situations to avoid the incorrect usage by the authors15 Fig.1 illustrates a wide spectrum of visualizing the data, which are all important for the reviewers to have an idea about the basic concepts of each item.