incorrect valuation

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This is already increasing the awareness of international best practise, the risks around valuations and most importantly provides a level of recourse for investors or borrowers against a valuer where a loss has been suffered as a result of reliance on a negligent or incorrect valuation.
The current lack of legislation regulating property evaluation has encouraged some in the industry to provide an incorrect valuation of a property in order to pay a lower registration fee when selling or buying land or buildings.
The result includes already announced negative items reflecting comparability in the amount of SEK53m, related to prior periods and coming from incorrect valuation of assets and liabilities in Loomis's Austrian business.
An incorrect valuation of the business and its available funds could spell disaster for it, or unfairly reward one party in the future, as the economy continues to improve and the business grows and increases in value.
As for what constitutes advice, the proposal now includes the provision of appraisals and fairness opinions as a type of advice, noting that the incorrect valuation of employer securities was a "common problem" identified in the DoL's recent national enforcement project, including cases where plan fiduciaries have "reasonably relied on faulty valuations prepared by professional appraisers.
Life insurance can be prone to incorrect valuation because of the plethora of types of policies available, ownership and beneficiary issues and misunderstanding of valuation methods of how to apply fair market valuation principles.
The move follows an incorrect valuation of their homes by the Inland Revenue when the new tax was introduced 13 years ago.
The Chamber Utility Auditing Team identified an incorrect valuation of the brewery's water rates.
A company's eligibility for tax waivers should not require that it accept what it considers to be an incorrect valuation by the Department of Revenue.
Unless the business valuator is aware of the environmental cha nge and understands its impact on the specific specialty being evaluated, the potential for an incorrect valuation looms high.