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A City/Region story Saturday regarding alleged water pollution by the Bartel's Packing slaughterhouse near Veneta incorrectly stated that the law allows citizens to seek damages.
I would suggest a minimum of six months' driving ban, on any person caught using a disabled badge incorrectly, should be the order of the day.
Anderson and Patrick Moffitt, the text incorrectly indicates the authors' assessment of the Chesapeake Bay watershed nitrogen reduction efforts.
In the October 2011 issue, on page 62 in the Top 49ers introduction, we stated incorrectly that 34 of the Top 49ers came in with 2010 gross revenues of more than $1 million.
Because of a reporter's error, a story in Wednesday's Telegram & Gazette incorrectly described out-of-state students' eligibility.
A Stateline item on page 13 of the October/November issue incorrectly reported that a law banning pub crawls in Rhode Island followed the death of a college student in spring 2009.
The article, "National Credit Union Youth Week Spotlights 'The Magic of Saving,'" in the April 29 issue incorrectly described the launch of GTE Federal Credit Union's U22 youth account.
The September 10 Web story "Oro closings finally expected to begin," incorrectly stated that the project at 313 Gold was called Oro II, that it was still a sister property to Oro, and that Dean Palin was involved in the project.
The article, "Shape of things to come: AIANH spearheads effort to renew downtown Durham," which appeared in the March 14-27 issue, incorrectly named the woman heading up the project for the American Institute of Architects New Hampshire.
14th feature "An Unlikely Scholar," it was written incorrectly that Dr.
According to the Associated Press (AP), officials in Malaysia will begin fining individuals who incorrectly use the Malay language.
The advertising deadline for the annual camp section in the February 2007 issue of the Presbyterian Record was incorrectly stated in last month's notice.