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A story in Sports on Wednesday incorrectly had players from Thurston winning those matches.
We also plugged in President Donald Trump's new Labor Secretary pick Alexander Acosta to see how Spicer would incorrectly say his name in the next press conference.
And 54% of people incorrectly thought all credit reference agencies hold the same information.
Due to a research error, the two Holiday Inns on Bankhead Drive were listed incorrectly in the 2016 Book of Lists mailed to Arkansas Business subscribers in late December.
66) incorrectly stated that the Edge 800 SCT and VX mount sell together for $1,799.
In the Ottens article, the date for the "Mellin, Hunt, and Nichols" citation was incorrectly cited twice on p.
Also, the article incorrectly stated the portion of total federal spending attributable to Social Security disability benefits awarded by administrative law judges.
In the October 2011 issue, on page 62 in the Top 49ers introduction, we stated incorrectly that 34 of the Top 49ers came in with 2010 gross revenues of more than $1 million.
1c] classification by IEC criteria labeled 36% correctly, 6% incorrectly as having diabetes, and 59% incorrectly as being normal; ADA criteria labeled 61% correctly, 6% incorrectly as having diabetes, and 33% incorrectly as being normal; and VA/DoD criteria labeled 66% correctly, 1% incorrectly as having diabetes, and 33% incorrectly as being normal.
Because of a reporter's error, a story in Wednesday's Telegram & Gazette incorrectly described out-of-state students' eligibility.
A Stateline item on page 13 of the October/November issue incorrectly reported that a law banning pub crawls in Rhode Island followed the death of a college student in spring 2009.
The article, "National Credit Union Youth Week Spotlights 'The Magic of Saving,'" in the April 29 issue incorrectly described the launch of GTE Federal Credit Union's U22 youth account.